Coins, Historical Medals & Paper Money (12 - 14 December 2017)

Date of Auction: 12th - 14th December 2017

Sold for £600

Estimate: £150 - £200

HERTFORDSHIRE, Hertford, East India College [Haileybury College], c. 1809, a specimen copper Arabic Prize medal, unsigned [by C.H. Küchler], arms of the East India Co with supporters, rev. legend in Arabic, 37mm, 26.96g (Pudd. 948.1.1; Pollard 31; cf. DNW 136, 1515). Extremely fine £150-200


The East India College, formerly located at Fort William in Bengal, was transferred to Haileybury in 1809 upon its completion by the architect William Wilkins. Prospective administrators for the East India Co had to complete four terms at the College, learning Sanskrit, Persian and Urdu, in addition to the traditional European subjects. The College closed in January 1858 but reopened as a public school in 1862