Coins and Historical Medals (13 & 14 March 2018)

Date of Auction: 13th & 14th March 2018

Sold for £500

Estimate: £300 - £400

Edward III (1327-1377), Pre-Treaty period, Groat, series C/B mule, London, mm. cross 1, reversed ns on obv, Roman ms on rev., 4.50g/11h (Doubleday –; N 1147/1142; S 1565/1563). Good fine but sometime cleaned, extremely rare £300-400


Provenance: Bt F.J. Rist September 1998.

Although Doubleday had 12 specimens of series B/C Groats, the opposite mule was absent from his collection. The vendor’s ticket states only one other specimen known, that in the British Museum (ex L.A. Lawrence)