Coins and Historical Medals (13 & 14 March 2018)

Date of Auction: 13th & 14th March 2018

Sold for £900

Estimate: £600 - £800

Henry V (1413-1422), Groat, class A, mm. pierced cross pattée with central pellet, ‘emaciated’ bust, nine arcs to tressure, large fleurs on all cusps, quatrefoil after henric and posvi, mixed single and double-saltire stops, 2.77g/2h (Stewartby p.323; N 1385; S 1759). Clipped, otherwise obverse about fine, reverse better, very rare £600-800


Provenance: Bt P. Wallwork January 1993.

The coins of class A and B, traditionally attributed to Henry V, are now thought to be from the light coinage of Henry IV,
c. 1412-13 (Stewartby p.278ff)