The North Yorkshire Moors Collection of British Coins formed by Marvin Lessen (Part 2) (3 July 2019)

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Date of Auction: 3rd July 2019

Sold for £3,000

Estimate: £1,500 - £2,000

Henry I (1100-1135), Penny, Full Face/Cross Fleury type [BMC X], Pevensey, Alfred, alfred on peve :, 1.37g/6h (Allen, BNJ 2012, p.97, note 425, recté Alfred, presumably this coin; EMC 1200.0908, this coin; HHK –; Sussex Mints –; BMC –; N 866; S 1271). Officially incised in edge, very fine and on a full flan, excessively rare; perhaps only four coins known of the mint for the reign £1,500-£2,000


Provenance: Probably a stray from the ‘Beauvais’ (France) Hoard; bt by P.D. Mitchell “from a Paris dealer in a taxi in London as the only Beauvais stray”; W.J. Conte Collection [from Baldwin 1988]; bt CNG June 2002.

This coin is presumably the same specimen that Martin Allen mentions in BNJ 2012, quoting a hand-written note from J.J. North stating ‘Alfred (seen A.H.B[aldwin] 15.11.88)’. It was acquired by Mr Lessen from a parcel of coins consigned by W.J. Conte to CNG and on display at CNG’s bourse table at the Long Beach show in June 2002, the parcel then including items 3* (BMC VIII, Chichester, Godwine) and 13* (BMC XIV, Norwich, Etstan) as listed by Peter Mitchell for the record in the introduction to the ‘Beauvais’ sale catalogue