The North Yorkshire Moors Collection of British Coins formed by Marvin Lessen (Part 2) (3 July 2019)

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Date of Auction: 3rd July 2019

Sold for £4,600

Estimate: £4,000 - £5,000

Edward I (1272-1307), New coinage, Groat, London, variety e (Fox 4), crowned wider-faced bust in quadrilobe, pellet in oval eyes, bushy hair, edwardvs : d’i : gra’ : rex : angl’, large commas in punctuation, rev. : dn’s hibn’e dvx aqvt, londonia civi, 5.34g/1h (Allen, Corpus –, but 42, e1/r24, same dies [= RCL 2987]; Fox, BNJ 1910, pl. v, 4, and Spink 1, 176, same obv. die; N 1006; S 1379E). Stress surface mark running east-west visible on close inspection, otherwise no traces of mounting or impairment, very fine and well-struck, very rare £4,000-£5,000


Provenance: Bt Spink July 1970.

The latest published research (Allen, pp.28-9; Stewartby pp.116-17) would indicate that all groats of Edward I were struck during the period of the recoinage (1279-81); no further groats were issued in England until 1351