Russian Coins and Historical Medals (17 September 2019)

Date of Auction: 17th September 2019

Sold for £7,000

Estimate: £9,000 - £12,000

Russia, Peter the Great (1682-1725), Capture of Azov, 1696, a silver medal, unsigned [by F. Alexeev], laureate and armoured bust facing, пеιιιръ алезъпичь попелиιιιель москопской присно прирасιιιиιιιель, rev. молнιями и полнами побъдиιιιель, view of Azov under siege, date in exergue, 49mm, 51.75g (Diakov 5.1). Some marks in fields, otherwise good very fine, extremely rare £9,000-£12,000