The North Yorkshire Moors Collection of British Coins & Tokens formed by Marvin Lessen (29 January 2020)

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Date of Auction: 29th January 2020

Sold for £5,000

Estimate: £4,000 - £5,000

Charles I (1625-1649), Pontefract, Charles II, Shilling, 1648, type 2, no mm., large crown above hanc devs dedit and date, carol ii d g mag b f et h rex around, rev. post mortem patris pro filio, castle gateway, obs to left, p c [Pontefract Castle] above, cannon protruding at right, octagonal flan, 4.38g/12h (Hird 282-4 and SCBI Brooker 1235, same dies; N 2649; S 3151). About very fine and toned, rare £4,000-£5,000


Provenance: Coin Galleries Numismatic Review, vol. VI, no.1, 1965 (A 406)