Jewellery, Watches, Antiquities and Objects of Vertu (24 November 2020)

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Date of Auction: 24th November 2020

Sold for £220

Estimate: £60 - £80

Jewellery reference books: Jewels of the Pharaohs, Egyptian Jewelry of the Dynastic Period, by Cyril Aldred, (revised and abridged edition), pub by Thames and Hudson, 1978 (softcover); Jewellery of the Ancient World, by Jack Ogden, pub by Rizzoli International Publications Inc., 1982 (hardcover); Jewelry: History and Technique, from the Egyptians to the Present, by Guido Gregorietti, pub by Chartwell Books, 1978 (hardcover); Seven thousand years of Jewellery, by Hugh Tait, pub by British Museum Publications, 1986 (hardcover); Five Centuries of Jewelry in the West, by Jean Lanllier, pub by Leon Amiel Publisher, 1983 (hardcover). [5] £60-£80