British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £500

Estimate: £120 - £150

Co Durham, Annfield Plain, Democratic Club & Institute Ltd, brass (Gardiner p.1), Victory Club, brass 1 Pint (G p.1); Barnard Castle, Barnard Castle School Tuck Shop, rectangular brass Penny (G p.2), B[arnard] C[astle] W[orking] M[ens] C[lub], copper, 26mm (G –), T.R. Thompson, brass (G p.2); Beamish and West Pelton, Beamish and West Pelton Club, plastic 1 Pint (G p.2), North of England Open Air Museum, nickel and brass (G p.2); Bear Park [Durham], Bearpark & District Workmen’s Club Ltd, brass 1 Pint (G p.3); Birtley, The Birtley Co Ltd, uniface brass, stamped 715 (G p.4), Kay’s Birtley Trip, 1916, brass (2) (G p.3); Bishop Wearmouth, Bishop Wearmouth Water Co, octagonal white metal (G p.6); Blackhill [Consett], D. Harris, 1872, brass, 22mm (W –; G –); Blaydon, Alfred Alexander, brass (G p.7); Brandon [Durham], Brandon Social Club, brass 1 Pint (G p.7); Browney [Durham], Browney & District Social Club and Institute, brass 1 Pint, 26mm (G –); Catchgate, Excelsior Club & Institute Ltd, brass Threepence (G p.8); Chester-le-Street, Chester-le-Street CSL, brown fibre 1 Pint, 25mm (Rains 12; G –), The Osborne Club Ltd, brass Threepence, 26mm (G –); Close House [Shildon], Close House & District Workmen’s Club, brass Sixpence (G p.9); Consett, Consett Irish Democratic, white plastic 1 Pint, 26mm (G –), Consett Station Club, brass 1 Pint (G p.10), Consett Urban District Council, oval Licence plate, no. 891, 150 x 88mm (G –); Coxhoe, Coxhoe Club, plastic 1 Pint, 25mm (G –); Crook, Bell Vue Workman’s Club, plated brass 1 Pint (G p.11), Young’s, 1872, brass (W 1495; G p.11) [27]. Blackhill fair but of the highest rarity, Young’s of Crook pierced but very rare, others fine and better, many scarce £120-£150