British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £95

Estimate: £120 - £150

Co Durham, Dipton [Consett], Dipton Social Club, brass Sixpence, 26mm (G –); Durham, Durham City W[orking] M[ens] S[ocial] Club, grey plastic 1 Pint, 27mm (G –), East Durham Co-op Dairies Ltd, brown plastic (Rains 3; G p.57); East Boldon [Sunderland], J.D. Loraine & Co, brass Threepence-Halfpenny (G p.7); Esh and Esh Winning, Newhouse Club, oval zinc Threepence (G p.19); Felling Shore [Gateshead], G. Proud, brass bracteate 20 Shillings, 23mm (G –), W. Simpson Jr, bronze bracteate 5 Shillings (G p.19); Fence Houses [Houghton-le-Spring], Comrades Club, brass 1 Pint (G p.20); Ford [Sunderland], Ford Pottery, brass, stamped 247, 29mm (G –); Fulwell [Sunderland], Fulwell Lime Works, oval brass, stamped 1 (G p.20); Gainford, Lord Nelson, aluminium 1 Pint Strongarm (G p.20); Grangetown [Sunderland]; Grangetown Institute, brass, stamped 1065 (G p.24); Greenside [Ryton], Greenside Working Mens’ Club, brass Penny (G p.24); Hartlepool, D. Hill & Co, brass, 33mm (G –), Ferry (2), both brass, 28 and 23mm, latter small star (G p.52), Hartlepool Seamen’s Friendly Association, 1853, plated brass (2) (W 2095; D & W 134/260; G p.53), Rovers Quoit Club, brass (2), both 31mm, plastic, 29mm (G –); Hebburn, Palmers, brass (2), stamped 193, 5888, square brass, stamped 9041 (G p.25), Palmer’s Shipbuilding & Iron Co, Monkton Finishing Ground, brass, stamped 353 (G pp.25, 30), A. Reyrolle & Co Ltd, brass, stamped 4635, 33mm (G –); Hetton, C[harles] Piper, iron bracteate Penny (G p.25); Houghton-le-Spring, green plastic 1 Pint (G p.25, recté green); Hunwick, Hunwick Club, rectangular aluminium, 45 x 28mm (G –), Hunwick National School, Reward, iron bracteates (3), Reward for Industry, iron bracteate (G p.26) [34]. Generally fine to very fine, many scarce £120-£150