British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £45

Estimate: £70 - £90

Co Durham, GATESHEAD, J. Abbot & Co, brass, stamped 450, 32mm (G –); Close Works, brass, stamped 1078, 26mm (G –); Corporation, uniface brass (2), one stamped 28 (G p.21); County Borough, white metal Shilling, brass Sixpences (2), bronze Threepence (G p.21); F.M. Co Ltd, brass, stamped 251 (G p.21); G[eneral] E[lectric] C[o] Technical College, blue plastic Sixpence, green plastic Threepence, both 25mm (G –); Hawks Crawshay & Sons, brass, stamped 244 (G p.23); Metroland, Metro Centre, brass (3) (G p.23); N[ew] A[utomatic] M[achiness] Co, brass (G p.23); The Northern General Transport Co Ltd, plastic Fourpence, Threepence and Penny (G pp.23-4); M. Robson & Co, nickel Sixpences (2), bronze Pennies (2), bronze Halfpenny (G p.23); Mather Robson Ltd, nickel Sixpence (G p.23); E. Shephard Ltd, nickel 5 Shillings, Pennies (2, brass and fibre) (G p.21) [28]. Many fine, some better £70-£90