British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £90

Estimate: £90 - £120

Co Durham, Ingleton, The Blacksmiths Arms, 1 Pint, uniface aluminium (G p.26); Jarrow, J[arrow] U[nited] C[reamery], octagonal aluminium 1 Pint, 50 x 28mm (G –); Langley Park, Langley Park Workmen’s Club and Institute, brass (G p.27); Leadgate [Consett], Leadgate Workmen’s Social Club & Institute, brass Threepence (G p.28); Mainsforth, Mainsforth Welfare Institute, brass, stamped 184 (G p.28); Meadowfield [Durham], Meadowfield Club, red 1 Pint (G p.29),Meadowfield & District Social Club, brass (G p.29); Newfield, Newfield Working Men’s Club and Institute Ltd, oval brass (G p.31); New Lambton, W. Bulmer, lead Sixpence, 25mm (G –); Newton Aycliffe, Labour and Trades S[ocial] C[lub], square white plastic 1 Pint (G p.1), W[orking] M[ens] C[lub] Ltd, aluminium 1 Pint (G p.2); Oakenshaw, Oakenshaw Working Mens’ Club Ltd, oval brass Threepence, stamped 255 (G p.31); Port Clarence, Ferry, octagonal brass, 23mm (G –); Sacriston, J.T. Greenwell, brass bracteate Threepence (G p.32); Seaburn [Sunderland], Crows Fun Park, brass (3), all 28mm (G –); Seaham, Londonderry Bottle Co, white metal 1 Pint (G p.32), Seaham Harbour Seamen’s Friendly Association, 1853, brass (G p.33); Sedgefield, District Council, plastic Tea (2), Coffee (2) (G p.33 [latter not seen]); Sherburn, Working Men’s Social Club Ltd, brass, 23mm (G –); Sherburn Hill, Workmen’s Club & Institute Ltd, brass Sixpence, 32mm (G –) [25]. Fine to very fine, some better £90-£120