British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £480

Estimate: £120 - £150

Co Durham, South Shields, Allen & Co Ltd, nickel 2 Shillings, Pennies (4, brass (3) and fibre) (G pp.35-6); Brigham & Cowan Ltd, brass, stamped 63 (G p.36); Carrick’s (Caterers) Ltd, uniface aluminium Half Pint (G p.36); Corporation Tramways, brass, stamped 64, plastic Threepence, Twopences (4, varieties), Pennies (2), Halfpence (3, varieties) (G p.37); Corporation Transport, plastic Threepence, Twopence, Penny, Halfpence (2) (G p.37); The Harton Coal Co Ltd, uniface brass Sixpence, Fourpence, Threepence, oval brass Threepence, stamped H33, uniface brass 33lbs/Threepence, 22lbs/Twopence, 11lbs/Pennies (3, one rectangular), octagonal brass Lamp Pass, 51mm, brass Workman’s Railway Pass, stamped 85, 50mm (cf. G p.38); Northern Press & Engineering Co, brass, stamped 391 (G p.36); Ocean Beach, brass (3, two variants), red plastic (2) (G pp.36-7); The South Shields Dividend Stores, brass Shilling, Sixpence, Quarter-Pound, 2 Ounces (G p.38); M. Stoker, bronze Pound (G p.36); M.A. Stoker, brass Threepence (G p.36) [46]. Generally fine to very fine, a few better £120-£150