British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £280

Estimate: £300 - £500

Co Durham, Sunderland, Ayre’s Quay & Bridge Bottle Co, nickel 1 Pint (2, one stamped B twice) (G p.43); George Bain, brass ISG (NW 6520; G p.44); Black’s Regal Theatre, Good Luck, aluminium, inset with 1928 Farthing (G p.46); John Blumer & Co, uniface brass, stamped 114, 39mm (G –); Bridge, Halfpenny, brass (2) (G p.47); Corporation, Electricity Dept, Ash, uniface oval zinc (G p.47); Corporation, B.E.D., brass (G p.47); Corporation, S., brass (G p.47); Corporation Tramways, plastic Threepences (2, different), Twopences (3), Threehalfpence (2, different), Pennies (2), and Official Pass (2, one stamped C) (G p.48); Corporation Transport, brass (5), Journey (3), Token (2) (G p.48); John Dickinson, brass Ferry (G p.45); William Doxford & Sons (Engineers) Ltd, brass, stamped 541, 30mm (G –); Ferry, brass (12, varieties) (G p.48); Hedley, Swan & Co, Joplings, nickel Sixpences (2), brass Pennies (3), copper Halfpence (4, varieties) (G pp.44-5); Hedley, Swan & Co Ltd, Joplings, nickel Sixpences (2), copper Halfpence (2) (G pp.44-5); Hill & Co, brass (14, several variants) (cf. G. p.44); D. Hill & Co, brass (5, including a variant) (G p.44); Joplings Ltd, nickel 2 Shillings, Sixpences (4, brass (2), nickel (2)), brass Halfpence (6), fibre New Halfpenny (G p.44); J.A. Kennedy Ltd, brass Pennies (4) (G p.45); James Laing, brass [Threepences] (2), stamped 322/2 and 1314/2 (G p.45); B[enjamin] Levy, brass (W 4930; G p.43); Liverpool House, nickel Shilling, copper Penny (G p.45); London & Newcastle Tea Co, Half-Pound (G p.49); Mac Coll & Pollock, brass, stamped 294 (G p.46); [Owen] Martin, 1872, brass (W 4931 [not seen]; G p.46); Richardsons Westgarth & Co Ltd, brass (2), stamped 118, 157 (G p.46); River Wear Commission, brass (5), stamped 1529, 10602 transfer, 16446, 24518 sew, 27290/laing (G p.46; W 2965), River Wear Commissioners, brass, stamped 3163 and 113, 33mm (G p.46); Southwick Bottle Works, brass Half-Pint (G p.47); Strand Subway Co, brass [Threepence], stamped 442, 39mm (G –); W. Summerson, oval brass, stamped 47, 32mm (G –); Sunderland Gas Co, oval brass bracteate, 67 x 44mm (G –); Sunderland Glass Co, oval copper (G p.48); Sunex Ltd, brass, stamped 949 (G p.49) [110]. Generally fine to very fine, Martin pierced but extremely rare, Bain and Levy rare; a very comprehensive city group £300-£500