British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £70

Estimate: £60 - £80

Co Durham, Thornley, Spearsman’s Arms, brass Threepence (G p.50); Toft Hill [Bishop Auckland], Toft Hill Workmen’s Club, brass Sixpence (G p.51); Trimdon, Trimdon Colliery & Deaf Hill Working Men’s Club Ltd, brass (G p.51), Trimdon Grange Workmens Club and Institute Ltd, brass 1 Pint (G p.51), [William] Tulip’s Cash Store, brass bracteate Shilling, Sixpence and Threepence (G p.51); Washington, Hall & Co, brass, stamped 40 (G p.51), St Joseph’s Catholic Institute, bronze Pennies (2) (G p.52), W[ashington] U[nionist] C[lub], brass 1 Pint (G p.52); Wellfield, Wellfield Workmen’s Club, brass Shilling (G p.52); West Auckland, W[est] A[uckland] W[orkmens] Club, brass, stamped 42 (G p.6); West Hartlepool, H[enry] Muer, brass (G p.53), Nissen’s Stores, iron bracteate Twopence and Penny (G p.54), M. Robinson & Sons, amber fibre Threepence (G p.54); Wheatley Hill, Wheatley Hill Social Club, plastic 1 Pint (G p.54); Willington, Prospect Club, brass 1 Pint (G p.55), Willington & District Working Men’s Club Ltd, brass 1 Pint (2, one plated) (G p.55), Willington Vict[oria] Club, rectangular aluminium 1 Pint (G p.55), Willington Workmans’ Club Ltd, brass Threepence (G p.56); Witton Gilbert, Witton Gilbert Workmen’s Club, brass 1 Pint (3) (G p.56) [26]. Generally about very fine £60-£80