British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £1,300

Estimate: £400 - £600

Northumberland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, W. Alder Dunn & Co, octagonal brass (G p.74); Arnott, Cannock & Co (2) (both W 3800; G p.74); Bailey Organisation [nightclub owner], brass 5 Pounds, 38mm; Rowland Blaylock, brass Pound, aluminium 2 Shillings, brass Pennies (10, two domed), bracteate Penny (G p.82); British Restaurant, blue plastic Meat (2), red plastic Soup, green plastic Tea or Coffee, all 35mm (last G p.74); Carnegie & Co, oval brass bracteate, 49 x 27mm (G –); Carrick’s (Caterers) Ltd, uniface brass Half Pint (G p.74); A.E. Cook Ltd, aluminium 2 Shillings, Shillings (2), brass Penny, Halfpence (2, brass and plastic) (G p.73); Corporation Cleansing, brass (3), stamped 74, 80, 235 (G p.79); Corporation Tramways, plastic Sevenpence, Fivepence, Fourpence, Threepences (2, different), Twopences (5, varieties), Threehalfpence (4, different, including Postman in Uniform), Pennies (7, varieties, including Postman in Uniform), Halfpence (4, different) (G p.80); Emley & Sons Ltd, oval brass bracteate (G p.75); Farnons, white plastic 10 Pounds, 29mm (G –), 5 Pounds, Pound (2), 50 Pence (2), 10 Pence (2), Fivepence, Penny (G p.75); Farrer’s Woollen Cloth Warehouse, 1864, copper (2) (G p.75); The Great London Tea Co, 1884, brass Half-Pound and Quarter-Pound (G p.83); Grey Street [Cinema], Charlie Chaplin, The Gold Rush, brass (G p.75); Guildhall Restaurant, S[pero] Gosma, brass One Shilling and Sixpence (2, one plated) (G p.83); [John] Greaves, brass (2) (W 3820; G p.75); Hardy’s My Tailor, brass ISGs (2) (NW 7710; G p.76); Hepworth & Royston, brass (2) (G p.76); Hill & Co, brass (15, including variants) (cf. G. p.57); D. Hill & Co, brass (7, including a variant) (cf. G p.57); Jocker Wood [Duke of York], Quoit Ground, uniface brass (3), stamped 609, 658, 717 (G p.77); Newcastle Chronicle, aluminium Threepence (G p.80); J.T. Parrish, fibre Penny and New Penny (G p.78); C.A. Parsons Ltd, uniface brass, stamped 2266 (G p.74); Rowe’s Tea, brass bracteate Shilling (G p.75); Royal Jubilee Exhibition [1867], Gibson & Co, brass Employes Pass, stamped 219 (G p.82); Scottish & Newcastle [Breweries], brass [5 Shillings] (G p.83); Scotswood Bridge, brass (2) (G p.82); John G. Scott, oval brass (2, different, second stamped 541 O) (G p.77); Smith & Barnes Ltd, oval brass bracteate, 55 x 36mm (G –); Tyne Watermen’s Association, 1876-9, brass (G p.85); Wheatsheaf Inn, John Balmbra, Music Saloon, brass, 32mm (G p.77 [not seen]); G. Woolf & Son (1934) Ltd, plastic 2 Shillings, Shilling, Sixpences (2), Threepences (2), Pennies (2, brass and plastic), brass Halfpenny (G pp.85-6); arms of the City, brass (2), stamped 4822, 6726 (G p.74) [132]. Generally fine to very fine, some better; an extremely comprehensive city group, some very rare £400-£600