British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £120

Estimate: £120 - £150

Northumberland, North Shields, D. Hill & Co, brass (9, including variants) (G p.87), D. Hill, Carter & Co Ltd, brass (4), octagonal copper Pennies (2), octagonal copper Halfpence (2) (G p.87), North Shields CSL, aluminium Half-Pint (Rains 14; G p.88), Parks Ltd, brass 20 Shillings, copper Halfpenny (G p.88), J[ohn] Ryan, brass Pound, 21mm (G –), W[illiam] Wilkinson, brass (G p.89); Shiremoor, Shiremoor CSL, brass 1 Pint Milk, 31mm (Rains 13; G –); Tynemouth, Tynemouth Electric Tramways, white plastic Penny (G p.92); Walker, T. Stewart, uniface brass 5 Shillings (2), uniface brass Penny (G p.93); Wallsend, Bon Marche (Wallsend) Ltd, brass 10 Shillings, aluminium 5 Shillings, copper Pennies (2) and Halfpenny (G p.93), Hood Haggie’s Dining Hall, brass Threepence (G p.93), James McDonald, Swan & Hunter’s Dining Room, uniface brass Halfpenny, 23mm (G –), McDonalds Dining Room, brass Threepence (G p.93), N[orth] E[ast] M[arine] E[ngineering] Co Ltd, brass, stamped A2293 (G p.93); Whitley Bay, Borough, Deck Chair, plastic Shilling (2, different), Laws, white plastic (G p.96), U.D.C., Tent or Chair, plastic (2, different) (G p.96), No.57 Barber Co, printed label on Elizabeth II Pound, 1984 (G –); Willington Quay, William Cleland & Co Ltd, uniface brass, 31mm (G –), [Thomas] Meller, plastic Shilling (G p.96) [44]. Generally fine to very fine, some scarce £120-£150