British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (27 August 2020)

Date of Auction: 27th August 2020

Sold for £240

Estimate: £100 - £150

Yorkshire, Middlesbrough, Baums, white plastic Penny, 26mm, Bolckow Vaughan & Co Ltd, uniface brass, stamped BG 133, 40mm, The Cleveland Bolt & Nut Co, 1865, brass (2), stamped 230/2330, 239, both 32mm, County Borough [Transport], plastic Threepence, Twopence, Threehalfpence and Penny, all 22mm, Dickson & Benson Ltd, oval brass Halfpenny, 30 x 21mm, Dorman Long & Co, brass, stamped T18, 35mm, Ferry, brass (3), all 23mm, The Great London Tea Co, 1884, brass Half-Pound, 21mm, M[iddlesbrough] B[owling] C[lub], brass Threepence, 21mm, J. Newhouse, red plastic Sixpence, 23mm, The North Eastern Steel Co Ltd, oval brass, 49 x 35mm (G p.58), Horace Pilcher, brass, 20mm (W 3676), Sir Raylton Dixon & Co, uniface brass, 39mm, Tweddell & Co, brass, stamped 139, 32mm, Thomas Vaughan, Whessoe Ironworks, brass, stamped 73, 32mm; Newport [Middlesbrough], Workmen’s Club, Gala, brass, 21mm, Workingmens’ Club, Gala, brass, 24mm [2, one mis-struck]; Northallerton, Livestock Mart, F. & J.S. Atkinson, uniface brass Fourpence, 34mm; North Skelton [Redcar], Tuck & Thompson, zinc bracteate Penny, 24mm, Tuck’s Cash Dividend, zinc bracteate Shilling and Penny, both 26mm; Norton [Malton], George Smith & Sons, Norton Saw Mills, brass, stamped 41, 31mm; Redcar, Lovett’s Amusement Park, yellow plastic, 30mm; Skinningrove [Redcar], J.T. Thompson, iron bracteate Twopence, 23mm [30]. Generally fine, some better, some scarce £100-£150