Irish Banknotes (12 March 2020)

Date of Auction: 12th March 2020


Estimate: £1,800 - £2,400

Central Bank of Ireland, £1 (2), 5 March 1943, serial number 33N 004838, Code G, serial number 31N 069463, war code Y, Brennan and McElligott signatures, very fine and notable because both notes have the same date yet different codes. Less than 5 examples have been recorded of the letter G on this final issue for 1943 (2 notes)
PMI LTN 22, Pick 2D £1,800-£2,400

Codes Y and G were printed in the same print run. During printing blank unnumbered notes were kept aside for use as replacement notes. Any such notes that were not used as replacements were then used up as extra notes on the last date of the print run. The G code notes, dated 29.10.43 are left over banknotes that were not used as replacement notes.