The Collection of British Tokens formed by John Rose (17 November 2020)

Date of Auction: 17th November 2020

Sold for £2,000

Estimate: £800 - £1,000

18th Century Tokens, SURREY, Lambeth, Prattent’s mule Penny, from the same obv. die as previous, rev. man seated on ground gnawing bone, french liberty, edge i promise to pay on demand the bearer one penny, 23.71g/6h (DH 2). Extremely fine with considerable original colour, extremely rare £800-£1,000


Provenance: J. Spingarn Collection FPL (364) [from Spink]; R.S. Brown Jr Collection, Part III, DNW Auction T10, 5 October 2011, lot 735 [from J.S. February 2001]