Coins, Tokens and Historical Medals (1 & 2 December 2020)

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Date of Auction: 1st & 2nd December 2020

Sold for £75

Estimate: £100 - £120

Roman Imperial Coinage, Licinius I, Folles (2), Trier, 316, rev. Genius standing left, holding patera and cornucopia, 2.83g (RIC 121), Antioch, 312, rev. Genius standing left, holding head of Sol and cornucopia, 5.37g (RIC 164a); Constantine I, Follis, Trier, 323-4, lrev. Victory advancing right, holding trophy and palm branch, captive by feet, 2.77g (RIC 435); Constantius II, Follis, Alexandria, 351-5, rev. soldier spearing fallen horseman, 4.14g (RIC 75); Theodosius, Æ unit, rev. Emperor standing left on ship, wreath in field, 4.90g (RIC 40) [5]. Varied state several better than very fine £100-£120


Provenance: R.G.P. Kerridge Collection