Coins and Historical Medals (9 February 2021)

Date of Auction: 9th February 2021

Sold for £35

Estimate: £20 - £30

A 5pp ALS from Thomas Burgon, Stoke Newington, 18 December 1843, to John Lindsay, on the subject of Spanish coins. Very fine £20-£30


The letter reads: “Dear Sir, Always ready, as far as I am able, to aid in your researches, I am yet fearful that with regard to ye sundry coins of Spain which you mention, I shall be unable to afford you any help. I know of no cabinet where ye coin exists without a good deal of research & more leisure than I possess. I know of no books except Florey or Vertim to which you have perhaps already referred.
“If I should find among ye coins of ye late Mr Thomas, either of those of Herod, which you wish for, I will ask for leave to take wax impressions for you. I will also keep in mind any of ye Spanish – but I don’t expect to find any. They were not in his way – rather too ugly & uninteresting.
“I have your coin carefully preserved for you – I find there is one precisely similar in [–] Museum from my own Collection – I cannot mention (without more leisure) to say more of it than that it is a coin of Cyparissia.
“If you intend to dispose of it, I should like to have ye refusal of it. I should not venture to take this liberty but I think you hinted as much when we last met.
“As soon as I am able to see what Num. Chrons. I want I will trouble you, meantime remain in haste d[ea]r Sir yours very truly, Thos. Burgon.
“PS. My son had only loosely informed me of your wishes – when you have occasion to say anything, it is better to send me off a short note to which I shall always be happy to attend. My son’s business now absorbs almost all his thoughts & attention, & makes him blunder numismatics”