Coins and Historical Medals (9 February 2021)

Date of Auction: 9th February 2021

Sold for £65

Estimate: £60 - £80

AUSTRIA, Europa, 1912, a uniface octagonal bronze plaque by A.R. Weinberger, naked female representing Europa, seated side-saddle on a bull (Zeus), her modesty shielded by a garland of roses, 69 x 67mm (Hauser –; BDM VIII, 266; cf. DNW 49, 846). Very fine £60-£80


In Homer’s Iliad, Europa, daughter of the King, was playing on the beach at Sidon, where Zeus saw her and fell in love. Transformed into a magnificent white bull, he came to lie down at her feet. As soon as she was on his back, he took off over the sea to Crete