Coins and Historical Medals (9 February 2021)

Date of Auction: 9th February 2021

Sold for £1,700

Estimate: £800 - £1,000

Greek Coinages, KINGS OF MACEDON, Philip III (323-17), Stater, Sardes, 322-19, struck in the name and types of Alexander the Great, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. Nike standing left, holding wreath and stylis, βασιλεωσ αλεξαν[δρου], torch and a in fields, 8.43g (ADM I, series XV, 303d, this coin; Price 2634; Sear 6707). Very fine, good style £800-£1,000


Provenance: Glendining Auction, 14-15 May 1957, lot 701