Coins and Historical Medals (9 February 2021)

Date of Auction: 9th February 2021

Sold for £400

Estimate: £80 - £100

Greek Coinages, CAMPANIA, Neapolis, Nomoi (2), c. 300, head of water nymph right, four dolphins around, rev. man-headed bull right, Nike flying above, 7.07g (HN Italy 576; SNG ANS 329ff), 300-275, diademed female head right wearing headband, rev. man-headed bull right, Nike flying above, δι below, θε to right, 7.27g (HN Italy 579); LUCANIA, Metapontum, Nomos, 330-290, female head left, rev. barley ear, pitchfork to left, 7.56g (HN Italy 1582), Thurium, Nomos, 443-400, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. bull standing left, γ below, fish in exergue, 7.69g (HN Italy 1759; SNG ANS 879); BRUTTIUM, Kroton, Nomos, 480-30, tripod with lion’s feet, heron to left, volute in exergue, rev. incuse tripod, 7.36g (HN Italy 2106; SNG ANS 312); SICILY, Leontini, Tetradrachm, 450-440, laureate head of Apollo right, rev. lion head right, four leaves around, 15.29g (Boehringer 37, same obv. die; SNG ANS 227) [6]. Good fine and better, but several with areas of roughness £80-£100