Coins and Historical Medals (9 February 2021)

Date of Auction: 9th February 2021

Sold for £150

Estimate: £70 - £90

Victoria, Visit to Ireland, 1849, brass medalets (2), both unsigned, 24 and 22mm (W & E 568A.1, –; BHM 2339, –); Victoria, Visit to Ireland, 1900, medals (2), in white metal by the Birmingham Mint, 39mm (W & E 1887A.1), and in bronze by F. Bowcher for Spink, 39mm (W & E 1893A.2; BHM 3662; E 1840); Victoria, Visit to Dublin, 1900, a white metal medal, unsigned, 32mm (W & E 1898A.1); Edward VII, Coronation, 1902, Belfast, counties Antrim and Down, a bronze medal by L.-C. Lauer, 34mm (W & E 4385C.1); Edward VII, Visit to Ireland, 1903, medals (4), by J. Carter in white metal, 39mm (W & E 4855A.1), by Spink in brass, 32mm (W & E 4856A.1; BHM 3884), and by L.-C. Lauer, in gilt-bronze (2), both 19mm (W & E 4858A.1); George V, Coronation, 1911, Belfast, a bronze medal by W.J. Dingley for Neill, 26mm (W & E 5065E.2); George V, Coronation, 1911, Ireland, brass medals signed H.W.S. (2), both 33mm (W & E 5150B.1); George V, Silver Jubilee, 1935, City of Belfast, an aluminium medal by Fattorini, 32mm (W & E 5682G.1); George V, Silver Jubilee, 1935, Co Armagh Education Committee, a gilt-bronze medal by A. Fenwick, 24mm (W & E 5692C.2) [15]. BHM 3662 extremely fine, others generally very fine £70-£90