Coins and Historical Medals (9 February 2021)

Date of Auction: 9th February 2021

Sold for £360

Estimate: £60 - £80

Transfer of the Business Founded by Patrick Boland, Dublin, 1888, a bronze medalet by Woodhouse, 23mm; National Conservative League Founded, 1894, a white metal medalet, unsigned, 23mm; Belfast Union Jack Committee, a bronze award medal, unsigned, un-named, 38mm; Signing of the Solemn League and Covenant, Ulster, 1912, a gilt-bronze medal, unsigned, 28mm; To Commemorate the Conclusion of the Great War, 1918, a white metal medal, unsigned, 33mm; Inauguration of the Northern Ireland Parliament, 1921, bronze medals (3), all unsigned, 32mm, for the Cromac Womens’ Unionist Association, 31mm, and gilt-bronze, 23mm; 1st Dublin Company Old Corps, a bronze fob by Fattorini, 36 x 26mm; together with other miscellaneous medals, badges, etc (15, one in silver), including Belfast Orange Widows’ Fund, Unionist Bazaar, Ulster Day 1912, Unionist Clubs of Ireland, etc [24]. Generally very fine