Coins, Tokens, Historical Medals and Antiquities (2 & 3 June 2021)

Date of Auction: 2nd & 3rd June 2021

Sold for £320

Estimate: £400 - £600

Roman, bronze Bacchus (Dionysus), 1st-2nd cent. AD, 12cm x 8cm, on a circular lead-filled plinth 1.5cm high, standing youthful male figure, nude except for a mantle clasped on his right shoulder which falls to his left hip, his weight on his left leg with right leg extended forwards, musculature well defined, right arm extended downwards, holding the remains of a drinking vessel, left arm extended sideways, wearing a head-dress of vine leaves and bunches of grapes, face smiling, eyes recessed and would have been inlaid with silver. Left hand missing, otherwise in very fine condition with a red/green patina £400-£600


Provenance: P. Dawson Collection.

Bacchus, god of wine and theatre with Bacchanalian drinking feasts and processions which led to a reputation for orgies