Coins, Tokens, Historical Medals and Antiquities (2 & 3 June 2021)

Date of Auction: 2nd & 3rd June 2021

Sold for £1,000

Estimate: £800 - £1,000

Roman, bronze Isis/Fortuna, 1st-2nd cent. AD, 12cm x 5cm, standing female figure wearing a short-sleeved chiton over which a fringed himation is secured by a knot above the right breast, with a long vertical fold at the front, her right arm lowered with a clenched fist, left arm bent at the elbow holding a cornucopia overflowing with fruits, on her head is a crescentic diadem with a modius above, her hair is centre-parted and tied back in a chignon with tresses falling onto each shoulder, her head tilted to the right with well defined facial features. Clear and sharp detailing with a red/green patina £800-£1,000


Provenance: P. Dawson Collection.

The cult of Isis/Fortuna was associated with prosperity and fertility, the cornucopia symbolizing abundance