Coins, Tokens, Historical Medals and Antiquities (2 & 3 June 2021)

Date of Auction: 2nd & 3rd June 2021

Sold for £30

Estimate: £60 - £80

Smithfield Club, a silver award medal by W. Wyon, bust of Earl Spencer left, rev. bust of the Duke of Richmond right, edge named (As Breeder Best Beast in Class XXXIV, 1865, James Bannerman, Kelthall, Aberdeenshire Hill), 49mm (BHM 2218; E 1400). Sometime lightly wiped in fields and now re-toned, otherwise good very fine £60-£80


Provenance: A Collection of Historical Medals, the Property of a Gentleman, DNW Auction 164, 9-10 October 2019, lot 3607