Ancient, British and World Coins and Banknotes (7 October 2004)

Date of Auction: 7th October 2004

Sold for £95

Estimate: £50 - £70

Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, David Hood, Milton’s Halfpence (2), wheatsheaf, rev. legend, edges plain, thin flan, 9.92g/6h (DH 19a; Stainton 44), larger, thick flan, not in collar, 14.39g/6h (DH 19c; Stainton 44) [2]. First good very fine and patinated, second extremely fine with virtually full original colour (£50-70)


DH 19a F.W. Lincoln Collection, Glendining Auction, 12-13 February 1936, lot 184 (part), Fawcett/Litman Collection
*DH 19c Fawcett/Litman Collection