Ancient, British and World Coins and Banknotes (7 October 2004)

Date of Auction: 7th October 2004


Estimate: £600 - £700

Miscellaneous, Exchequer Bill for Fifty Pounds, 23 June 1701, no.6432, bearing interest at Twopence per day and signed ‘Halifax’ at bottom left. Several endorsements on back, worn down right side and missing a small section of edge, otherwise good very fine (£600-700)


Charles Montagu, Earl of Halifax (1661-1715), First Lord of the Treasury 1692-9, one of the founders of the Bank of England, 1694 and the instigator of the unpopular ‘window tax’ to pay for the 1696-7 silver recoinage; he was also the common-law husband of Isaac Newton’s niece, Catherine Barton