Historical and Art Medals (15 December 2005)

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Date of Auction: 15th December 2005

Sold for £120

Estimate: £40 - £60

Southampton, Toogood & Sons, Championship Medal, a silver award medal, unsigned, arms and supporters, rev. animals in farmyard setting, named (F. Heath), 44mm; Bath & West & Southern Counties Society, Champion’s Medal, a light bronze award, unsigned [by J.R. Pinches after G. Burridge], bust of Edmund Rack right, rev. legend, named (Nottingham, 1952, Awarded to The Lady Wentworth, Serafilla Arab), 52mm (MJP p.11); British Goat Society, a bronze award medal, unsigned, two goats, rev. wreath, named (Awarded to Miss Pope’s Problem of Bashley Q·Q·Q· as Winner of The Tremedda Selene Cup, Dairy Show, 1923), 52mm; National Pig Breeders Association, a bronze award medal, unsigned, enamelled pig above shield, named (W.H. Tolley, Dorchester Show, 1930), 44mm; Sussex County Goat Club, 1951, a silver award medal, unsigned, Festival of Britain torch, rev. head of goat, edge named (Tunbridge Wells & S.E.C. Agricultural Society, won by Mrs B.K. Mylins), 42mm; Three Counties Agricultural Society, Long Service awards (2, different), named (Albert Thomas Finch, 43 Years; 1952, W.H. Jones, 41 Years), 39 and 38mm; United Dairies Sales League, Challenge Cup Winners 1930-31, a nickel award medal, ud in rays over map of England, rev. named (F. Cassidy, Beckenham Depot, Division 3), 38mm; Welsh Black Cattle Society, a bronze award medal by A. Fenwick, cattle in mountainous setting, rev. dragon above palm fronds, named (Bath & West Show, Bath 1927, Awarded to Mrs E.H. Spottiswoode with ‘Gwern Agdof’), 51mm [9]. First extremely fine and toned, others generally very fine (£40-60)