Historical and Art Medals, Numismatic Books (11 July 2006)

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Date of Auction: 11th July 2006

Sold for £8,000

Estimate: £2,000 - £3,000

Charles II, Restoration, 1660, a gold medal by T. Simon, laureate draped bust right, star above, rev. shields of the three kingdoms and France in cruciform, star in centre, crowned interlinked cs and iis in angles, date above, magnalia dei around, edge grained, 30mm, 8.89g/4h (Lessen type D, edge b, this piece listed; MI I, 464/62; N 2777). Extremely fine with with attractive red tone, very rare (£2,000-3,000)


S. Tyssen Collection, Sotheby Auction, 12 April-31 May 1802, lot 2736
M. Trattle Collection, Sotheby Auction, 30 May-13 July 1832, lot 3070
J.D. Cuff Collection, Sotheby Auction, 8 June-5 July 1854, lot 1381
J.B. Bergne Collection, Sotheby Auction, 20-31 May 1873, lot 973
W. Brice Collection
H. Montagu Collection, Part III, Sotheby Auction, 13-20 November 1896, lot 818
D. Arnold Collection, Spink Auction 97, 13 May 1993, lot 29, sold for £11,600.

Illustrated on the back cover. Once regarded as a pattern broad, this and similar pieces are discussed in ‘Simon’s Gold Coins and Medals of Charles II’ by Marvin Lessen,
BNJ 1995, pp.151-68