Ancient, British and World Coins, Tokens, and Historical Medals (3 February 1999)

Date of Auction: 3rd February 1999

Sold for £200

Estimate: £70 - £90

John (1199-1216), Penny, 5b, Winchester, Raulf, RAVF·ON·WINCE, 1.28gm (N 970; S 1351); Edward IV, Second reign, Halfgroat, Canterbury, mm. rose, C on breast (N 1637; S 2106); Henry VIII, Second Coinage, Halfgroat, York, mm. voided cross, TW by shield (N 1805; S 2346); Edward VI, Third Period, Fine issue, Shilling, mm. y (N 1937; S 2482); together with other miscellaneous hammered silver, Edward I-Henry VIII (6, two pierced and plugged) [10]. Some fine (£70-90)