Ancient, British and World Coins, Tokens, and Historical Medals (3 February 1999)

Date of Auction: 3rd February 1999

Sold for £500

Estimate: £550 - £650

Victoria (1837-1901), Pattern Penny, 1860, type 4 [1+D], silver, laureate bust left, reverse Britannia seated to left on rock, no legend, edge plain, struck en médaille, 12.12gm (Freeman 854 [Sale, lot 285, this coin]; BMC 2127, this coin; cf. DNW 36, 154). Light cabinet friction on Queen’s face, usual minor rust marks in reverse field, otherwise brilliant and practically as struck, attractively toned, extremely rare (£550-650)


Ex Peck and Freeman (285). At least three specimens known. For an explanation of why the reverse die exhibits rust marks while the obverse is rust-free, see BMC p.486