Important British, Irish and World Banknotes (27 September 2006)

Date of Auction: 27th September 2006

Sold for £390

Estimate: £250 - £300

Mount Gawne Bank, One Pound, 7 November 1817, no.874, contemporary forgery (cf. Quarmby 213). 'Forged' written across front and with a 20mm tear in right edge, otherwise fine (£250-300)


The bank was founded by Edward Gawne (†October 1837), brewer and landowner at Mount Gawne, near Port St Mary. Gawne was an issuer of card money as early as 1806; his first banknotes are dated 7 November 1817. He was much troubled by contemporary forgeries of both his cards and paper, as Charles Clay’s 1869 publication on Manx currency testifies