Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (1 December 2004)


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Lot No Description Hammer
1441 XCI Argyllshire Highlanders, silver star, 34 x 28mm., rev. inscribed, ‘91st Highlanders Tug of War Shield 1911 won by “A” Company, L. Cpl. Monteith’, mount for suspension; XCIII Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 2nd Battalion, rev. engraved, ‘Tug-of-War “1922” L/C H. Kelly, “B” Coy. Capt.’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension, good very fine (2) £40-60 £110
1442 Army Boxing Association, Boxing scene, rev. inscribed, ‘Individual Championship, 1931 Officers Welter-Weight Runner-up, Lieut. J. J. McCully, Royal Sussex Regiment’, 53mm., silver, cut to edge; Army & Royal Air Force Boxing Association India, Inter-unit team championships India, ‘Pte. Neary, Runners-up 1936-37’, 51mm., bronze, in case; Boxing Medal, Boxing scene, engraved, ‘3rd Army Inf Sch., Oct. 1917, Officers Lt. Wt, Capt. McColl, 9th W. Rng.’ rectangular, 60 x 47mm., bronze; Army Cadet Force, Boxing Scene, rev. engraved, ‘Surrey Army Cadet Force Championships 1946-47, Corporal C. Hodgson’, 32mm., silver, very fine and better (4) £30-40 £55
1443 Army Corps Rifle Meeting, rev. engraved, ‘W. B. Cunningham, July 3rd 1904’, 41mm., bronze, unmounted, in case; Army Athletic Association (2), obv. seated figure of Mercury; rev. engraved, ‘Army Cross Country Team Championships, Windsor, 23rd March 1939, Winning Team 2/D.C.L.I., Pte. F. C. J. Jewell’, 38mm., silver, unmounted; another, obv. Angel of Victory, rev. engraved, ‘1920 Unit Tug-of-War Catch Weights Competition Runners Up, XCIII Highlanders, Sgt. T. Stewart’, 38mm., bronze, unmounted; Army Athletic Club, rev. engraved, ‘Aldershot Command Aquatic Sports Relay Race won by 1st Bedford Rgt., A. Hall, 1911’, 45mm., silver; Amateur Athletic Association, Military Meeting 1915, rev. engraved, ‘Bombardier George Summers, R.F.A., Sept. 4th 1915’, 26mm., silver and gold; Pentathlon Medal, rev. inscribed, ‘Army Modern Pentathlon 1958 L/Cpl. Honey, 5 Trg. Bn. R.E.M.E.’, 51mm., bronze; The Army Football Association (2), obv. shield surmounted by lion, rev. inscribed, ‘1st Bn. The Queen’s Royal Regt. Pte. Bellinger F., 1924-25’, 27 x 22mm., 9ct. gold; another, rev. impressed, ‘Army v Civil Service 1955-56 Linesman, Captain R. A. Baker, R.A.E.C.’, 35 x 30mm., silver and enamel; other medals (6), very fine and better (14) £70-90 £80
1444 Athole Highlanders, Eglinton Tournament, September 1839, Knight’s jousting; rev. inscribed, ‘William Robertson Clachan from Lord Glenlyon’, 35mm., silver, ring and straight bar suspension, slight edge bruising, very fine £40-60 £140
1445 XVI Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, Regimental Rifle Club, rev. engraved, ‘L/C. R. E. Brown’, 38mm., silver, unmounted; Border Regiment, ‘Junior Football League 1912 won by H. Coy. Dr. Brewer’, 39 x 30mm., silver; Sports medals (3) to Private W. Herbert, 32mm., silver; Suffolk Regiment (2), ‘Regt. Sports 1929, Pte. J. Carter, 120 Yds. Hurdles’, 33mm., silver; another similar (Pte. Ede), 33mm., silver, with suspensions except where stated, very fine and better (7) £40-50 £40
1446 42nd Black Watch, Inter-Company Shield 1906, ‘Won by “E” Coy. L. Sergt. R. Burnett’, 49 x 40mm., silver, ring suspension; 42nd Black Watch, Annual Games, rev. engraved, ‘Quetta 1923 Relay Race “B” L/C. S. Buckley’, 45mm., bronze, ring suspension; 42nd Black Watch, Sports Medal, obv. runners; rev. regimental badge and engraved, ‘L/C. P. Flynn, Winner Hammer Comp.’, 31mm., silver, ring suspension; 73rd Black Watch, Divisional Athletic Association, Boxing Competition 1917, ‘Winner Open Light Wht., Sgt. Birnett’, 29mm., silver, ring suspension; Marquis of Breadalbane Medal, obv. coat-of-arms; rev. cannon, engraved, ‘W. F. Scott, Company’s Competition 200, 500 & 600 yards’ (B. Coy. 5th V.B. R. Highlanders), 42mm., silver, unmounted, very fine and better (5) £40-60 £110
1447 British Expeditionary Force Recreational Training Medal (3), ‘W. D. Williams, 3 Mile Divisional Marathon Race, France, Augt. 4/1918’, 41mm., silver, in case; another, ‘A. J. Tull, Hants. Rgt., 23.11.18’, 32mm., silver; another for Salonika, ‘A.B.S.C. 880 yds. July 17 1919, G. Beach’, 41mm., silver; B.E.F. France 1918 Skill at Arms Third Army Musketery Camp, ‘Lt. A. J. Grime’, 45mm., bronze, in case; ‘Victory Medal’ (2) the female ‘Victory’ blowing a trumpet, standing on a plinth inscribed, ‘We played the Game’, rev. engraved, ‘VI Corps H.A. Football League 1918-19 H. Hayes’, 45mm., silver; another, ‘VI Corps 1919, Team Championships, Cross Country Run 7th Battn. Middlesex Regt., Sgt. C. A. Pearl, D.C.M.’; 41mm., silver; B.E.F. Vegetable Show Havre 1917, rev. engraved, ‘Lettuce 2nd Prize Sergt. A. M. Fright, R.G.A. Base Depot’, oval, 43 x 34mm., silver; another, 1918, ‘Beans French 1st Prize Pte. J. Collins’, oval, 45 x 33mm., silver-gilt, Inter Theatre of War Championship 1919, obv. Britannia, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Cross Country Winning Team, Egypt, 2722 Sepoy Khan Mond 7th Punjabis, 28th April’, 51mm., silver-gilt, unmounted, edge bruising; Interallied Games, Pershing Stadium, Paris 1919, rev. engraved, ‘Rifle Shooting Team, Third, Canada, Sgt. John Hay’, 63mm., bronze; other medals (3), very fine and better (13) £90-110 £130
1448 The Buffs, Shooting Medal 1929, soldier firing matchlock; rev. regimental badge and battle honours, engraved, ‘Individual Class Pte. E. W. Hammond’, 45mm., bronze, unmounted; The Buffs, Depot Rifle Championship 1933, ‘Winner L/C. J. Woods’, 39mm., silver; The Buffs, ‘Worthington Cup 1913’ (8218 Lce. Sergt. H. Standford), 37mm., bronze; Prize Medal, obv. heraldic shield; rev. inscribed, ‘Presented to the Band of the 5th batt. The Buffs Champion Reed Band of England 1906-7-8 by their friends and neighbours’ (W. P. Thorne), 45mm., silver-gilt, unmounted; other medals (2), named, good very fine (6) £40-50 £65
1449 The Cameronians, obv. crowned garter and wreath of thistles, rev. engraved, ‘Inter Company Football League, The Cameronians 1907, Pte. R. Sharp, A. Coy’, 51mm., silver; 2nd Bn. The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), obv. regimental emblem, rev. inscribed, ‘Rfn. R. Mackie’, 39mm., silver, in case; The Cameronians, silver-gilt and enamel star, rev. engraved, ‘Inter Company Football League 1915 Winners “D” Coy. (4th Time) Pte., J. Devine’, very fine and better (3) £30-40 £110
1450 Cavalry Brigade & R.H.A. Horse Show, obv. a knight on horseback carrying a banner, rev. engraved, ‘L/C. Hodgson, K.D. Gs., Egypt 1933’, 63mm., silver, hallmarks for Birmingham 1933, in case of issue; Cavalry Brigade Horse Show, obv. emblems of the King’s Dragoon Guards, The Bays and the Royal Scots Greys, rev. engraved, ‘Best Troop won by I Troop A Sqn. The Queens Bays 1930’, 51mm., bronze, in case, both unmounted, extremely fine (2) £30-40 £85
1451 Ceylon Light Infantry, obv. regimental emblem, rev. plain, 31mm., bronze, mount for suspension; Federated Malay States Volunteer Force, obv. regimental emblem, rev. wreath, 45mm., bronze, unmounted; France Sports Medal, by L. Cariat, obv. male and female youths in classical garb, rev. engraved, ‘U.A.S.A. 14 Juillet 1918, Salonika Championship 1/2 Mile G. Beach’, 50mm., bronze, pierced for ring suspension; Italy ‘Corsa Cavalli’ Medal, obv. a horse race scene, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Artillery School, Italy, 1918, 1st Prize, Jumping (N.C.Os.) Cpl. W. Hubbard’, 28mm., silver, with suspension mount, good very fine (4) £25-35 £45
1452 32nd Cornwall Light Infantry, obv. crossed rifles, scroll and wreath, rev. within wreath inscribed, ‘Won by No. 926 Private Thomas H. Downey, 44 points’ (“One & All” 1876 Rifle Association), 36mm., silver, straight bar swivel suspension; Lord Lieutenant’s Cup Medal, obv. heldic shield, ‘One and All’, engraved, ‘Won by A. Co. for 1st V.B. D.C.L.I. at Wadebridge 1900’, rev. D.C.L.I. regimental emblem, with team member’s names engraved, 51mm., bronze, unmounted, nearly extremely fine (2) £40-50 £160
1453 Devonshire Regiment Shooting Medal, obv. regimental emblem, rev. crossed rifles (5615668 Pte. H. J. Swann), 32mm., silver, ring suspension, in case; Devonshire Regiment Medal, obv. as previous, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘1923-24 Company Hockey Lt. R. N. Creasy’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; Devonshire Regiment Proficiency Medal, obv. as previous, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘87th A/Tk. Rgt. Treasure Hunt 8.1.42 R.H.Q. Winners Sgt. L. Duns’, 51mm., bronze-gilt, ring suspension; Dorsetshire Regiment Davidson Medal, obv. regimental emblem, rev. battle honours and engraved, ‘Regimental Small Arms Meeting 1936 Individual M.G. 2nd Year L/C. L. Glide’, 57mm., silver, unmounted, in case; Dorsetshire Regiment Medal, obv. regimental emblem, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Depot Dorset Regt., Bantamweight Winner, Pte. Lewis, J. T., 12/4/23’, 35mm., silver, ring mount, very fine and better (5) £50-70 £55
1454 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen’s Bays), obv. regimental emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Inter-Troop Boxing 1930, Middle Weight, Winner, Boy Prior Band’, 31mm., silver, ring suspension; 3rd (Prince of Wales’s) Dragoon Guards, obv. regimental emblem, rev. engraved, ‘3rd Dragoon Guards, Squadron Cricket Shield 1902, “C” Squadron, 4377 Pte. S. R. G. Green’, oval, 39 x 32mm., silver, swivel ring suspension; 5th Dragoon Guards, obv. regimental emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Inter-Squadron Rifle Competition won by H.Q. Squadron L/C. Chester’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension, slight edge bruising, good very fine and better (3) £40-60 £55
1455 99th Duke of Edinburgh’s Wiltshire Regiment (2), obv. cross with ‘99’ above enclosed by wreath bearing battle honours, rev. engraved, ‘220 Yards 1928 C. V. Webb’, 38mm., silver, ring suspension; another, obv. crowned cypher between sprigs of thistle, rev. ‘2nd Bn. Wiltishire Regiment’ and engraved, ‘Wiltshire County Trophy won by 2nd Bn Wiltshire Regt. Capt. A. J. Yardley’, 1909’, 38mm., silver, unmounted, in case extremely fine (2) £50-70 £55
1456 33rd Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment, obv. regimental emblem, rev. cross-country race scene (Coy. Comp. 1927 B. Coy. Pte. Denton), 44mm., silver, unmounted; West Riding Regiment Retired Sergeants’ Medal, regimental crests to obv. and suspension, rev. engraved, ‘Sergt. J. H. Fielding, 1908’, 38 x 26mm., silver and gold, ring suspension; Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, obv. regimental crests, rev. impressed, ‘Pte. R. W. Todd’, 25mm., silver and enamel, suspension mount; 14th West Yorkshire Regiment, obv. regimental crest, rev. engraved, ‘2/Lieut. W. D. S. Carey, No. 3 Pln., A. Coy. Dec. 1920’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; 15th East Yorkshire Regiment, obv. regimental crest, rev. engraved, ‘Quarter Mile, Young Soldiers, 1st, L/C. Fawcus’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; The Green Howards, obv. regimental crest, rev. engraved, ‘1923 440 Yds. Class A, 1st, Pte. A. W. Bell’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; Prince of Wales’s Own West Yorkshire Regiment, obv. regimental motif and crossed rifles, rev. inscribed, ‘1935 Sjt. F. Lees, Depot’, 41 x 30mm., silver, ring suspension, third good fine, others nearly extremely fine (7) £50-70 £90
1457 Dumbartonshire Volunteers, obv. regimental emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Denny Cup Badges 1903, F. Company, 1st D.R.V. Pte. R. Williamson’, oval, 30 x 24mm., silver, suspension mount; Fife & Forfar Yeomanry, obv. regimental emblem, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Recruits Riding & Jumping, 2nd, Pt Clement, 1914’, 44mm., bronze, unmounted, first very fine, second extremely fine (2) £40-60 £60
1458 Eastern Command (3), obv. naked athlete, rev. inscribed, ‘Athletic Championships 1921 Tug-of-War (110 Stone) Winner, Sgt. C. Hunt (D.C.M.)’, 39mm., silver, unmounted, in case; another similar, ‘Cross Country 1929, Winning Team, 2nd Bn. Bedfs. & Herts. Regt. L’Cpl. Toates’, 32mm., base silver base metal, ring suspension; Eastern Command School of Instruction, obv. helmeted bust, rev. inscribed, ‘Winner of Light Heavy Weight Boxing Competition Lance Corporal Hutchinson, 4th Gloster Regiment’, 38mm., silver, ring suspension; Southern Command, naked athlete wrestling a python, rev. inscribed, ‘Southern Command Boxing 1923, Officers Light Weight Winner, Lieut. J. W. E. R. Gainher, 2nd Bn. Loyal Regt.’, 38mm., silver, unmounted, edge bruise; another, obv. athlete throwing discus, rev. inscribed, ‘Cross Country Championships 1933 Runners-up, 1st Bn. Y.& L. Regt. L/Cpl. G. Harvey’, 38mm., bronze, unmounted; Scottish Command, obv. lion, rev. inscribed, ‘Boxing, Inter-unit Team 1935/36 Final Winners, D. M. R. McGraw, Bantam Weight’, 39mm., silver base metal, unmounted; Northern Command Cross Country Association (2), silver, one enamelled, named to Sapper G. Barber, 4th N. Bn. Field Co. R.E.; 54th (East Anglian) Division, obv. naked athlete, rev. inscribed, ‘Winners Rifle Competition 1928, 8 Pl. 4th Bn. Suffolk Regt. Lieut. W. G. Angell’, 37mm., silver, unmounted, in case; South Western District, obv. district emblem, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Rifle Meeting C.S.M. Dunning, 2nd China Cup 1954’, 45mm., bronze, unmounted, good very fine and better (10) £60-80 £85
1459 Egypt Command Small Arms Meeting 1929, obv. crowned crossed rifles and sphinx, rev. engraved, ‘Platoon Match, Winners, Pte. Miller, 28th’, 38mm., silver, unmounted; British Army in Egypt, obv. crowned sphinx within wreath, rev. engraved, ‘Inter Services Boxing 1927, Runner up, L.A.C. Mayes, J. L.’, 40mm., silver, ring suspension; British Forces in Egypt, obv. similar to previous, rev. engraved, ‘Command Team Cross Country Championships 1933-34 Winners, 1st K.O.R.R. Dmr. Ainsley’, 41mm., silver, unmounted; 162 Infantry Brigade Cairo 1919, rev. engraved, ‘Cross country, 1st, Pte H. Medcalf, 1/5 Bedford Regt.’, 26mm., gold, ring suspension; Cricket Medal, rev. engraved, ‘Alamein Club WAAFS, v. ATS, Cairo-1946, Pres. Fares Sardfeem Bey’, 38mm., bronze-gilt, ring suspension, good very fine (5) £40-60 £45
1460 Essex Regiment ‘The Castle and Key Medal’, obv. regimental emblem, rev. castle (Sergt. H. Purser), 38mm., silver, unmounted; Essex Regiment, obv. regimental emblem, rev. wreath and engraved, Athletics’ (Pte. Green), 32mm., silver, ring suspension; Pompadours (West Essex Regiment) Rifle Club, by J. S. & A. B. Wyon, obv. regimental emblems (Champion 1891No.1484 Lc. Corpl. J. Bowe), 48mm., silver, unmounted, in Wyon, London case of issue; Essex Group of Anti-Aircraft Companies, C.R.E. Challenge Cup 1925, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘No. 2216315 Sgt. Pusey, J.’, 29mm., silver, suspension mount; Colchester Garrison Rifle Association, obv. crossed rifles, rev. engraved, ‘1925 Best L-A Pair, 2nd, L/Cpl. E. Cook’, oval, 34 x 22mm., silver, ring suspension, third extremely fine, others nearly very fine and better (5) £50-70 £55
1461 Gibraltar Command, obv. castle and key, rev. engraved, ‘Garr. Football League, Winner, Fortress R.E. 1948-49, R. Saxton’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; Gibraltar Command Sports Club, command crest, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Pte. F. H. Cherry M.M., 7.10.1918, Dorset Regt.’, 40mm., silver, ring supension; Gibraltar Command Aquatic Sports, obv. command crest, rev. engraved, ‘1927 Inter-Regimental Water Polo, Winning Team, C. F. Maule’, 39mm., silver, unmounted; North China Command Inter Unit Championship 1927, rev. engraved, ‘Cross Country, S. Chinery’, 41mm., silver base metal, ring suspension, very fine and better (4) £50-70 £50
1462 Gordon Highlanders Company Championships Medal, 1 clasp, 1913, obv. regimental crest, rev. engraved, ‘Won by C Company’ (No. 492 Pte. J. Davie), 35mm., silver, with ribbon, mounted as worn; Gordon Highlanders Pipers Medal, obv. regimental crest, rev. Piper and engraved, ‘Bn Sheen Truibhas A/Pr. T. Gibb’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension, edge bruising; Gordon Highlanders Champion Recruit Medal, obv. regimental crest, rev. engraved, ‘Pte. F. West, Champion Recruit, Lucknow Squad, 1933’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; Gordon Highlanders Sports Medal, obv. regimental crest, rev. engraved, ‘Tug-of-War, 1928, Pte. Lovie J.’, 25mm., bronze, ring suspension; Irish Command Sports Association, engraved, ‘100 Yards Relay Race, 2nd Lieut. A. G. G. Watson, The Gordon Highlanders’, 62mm., bronze, unmounted,very fine and better (5) £50-70 £170
1463 Calmont Cup 1897, won by the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards (Qr. Mr. J. May), 51mm., silver; Dewar Trophy, obv. soldier knelt at the ready, rev. engraved, ‘Winners, 2nd Bn. Scots Guards, 1922’ (C. A. A. Robertson), 38mm., silver, unmounted, nearly extremely fine (2) £30-40 £50
1464 37th Hampshire Regiment, obv. soldier advancing with rifle and bayonet, rev. regimental crest and engraved, ‘Platoon Efficiency Trophy, L. Cpl. G. W. Pugh’, 44mm., bronze; 67th Hampshire Regiment, as previous, engraved, ‘French Shield 1925 “Y” Company 9 Platoon, L/Cpl. Batt.’; 1st V.B. Hampshire Regiment, rev. engraved, ‘C. Coy. Drill Attendance, Lce. Corpl. Bugler Stockwell, 1904’, 25mm., silver, ring eyelet; 67th Hampshire Regiment Sports medals (5) named to Sergeant Wiltshire, dated 1930-32, all bronze, all unmounted, good very fine and better (8) £40-50 £90
1465 Hants Carabiniers, obv. head Queen Victoria left, engraved, ‘1889’ below truncation, rev. ‘Hants Carabiniers, A Troop’, with branches of laurel and engraved, ‘Tent Pegging, 1st Prize, Tpr. Wilkinson’, 40mm., silver, unmounted, in case, good very fine £40-50 £75
1466 Highland Light Infantry, 1st Battalion, obv. regimental emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Relay “C” Coy. Pte. A. Brown, 1923’, 35mm., bronze, ring suspension; Glasgow Highlanders, 9th Battalion H.L.I., regimental crest, rev. engraved, ‘5-a-side won by ‘C’ Coy. Pte. E. Leech, 1911’, 26mm., silver, ring suspension; Aldershot Rifle Meeting Medal, rev. engraved, ‘1st Army Corps Challenge Cup, Colr. Sgt. P. Stewart, 2 H.L.I., 1902’, 39mm., bronze, unmounted, in case; H.L.I. Sports Medal pair, obv. Naked man wrestling a lion, rev. H.L.I. crest and battle honours, engraved, ‘Pole Jump 1930 A Coy. L/Sgt. F. Hill’, 44mm., bronze, pierced with ring suspension, in case; another similar, obv. man hurdling, rev. engraved, ‘480x Hurdles Relay 1930 A Coy, L/Sgt. F. Hill’, 44mm., bronze, pierced with ring suspension, in case, very fine and better (5) £40-50 £45
1467 Honourable Artillery Company Medal, for Fall Field Tour of Duty at Boston, Lincolnshire, Oct. 1959 (Major J. M. Cord, H.A.C.), impressed naming, 28mm., base silver metal, straight bar suspension; H.A.C. Medal, rev. engraved, ‘1903 Private S. Wood, 303 Points’, 33 x 26mm., silver, hallmarks for London 1908, ring suspension, good very fine and better (2) £30-40 First illustrated. £45
1468 Household Brigade (3), obv. Lifeguard and Foot Guard at attention facing, rev. engraved, ‘Senior Cup 1931-32 Winners, 3rd Bn. C.G., J. W. Duncan’, 38mm., silver; another similar, rev. ‘1947 Boys Inter Regimental Boxing Championships, Boy Healey’, 51mm., bronze; another, ‘Prince of Wales Cup Competition 1936 Runners-up, 1st Bn. Welsh Gds., Gdsn. L. Arnold’, all unmounted; Household Brigade Magazine Cup Medal, rev. engraved, ‘Sgt. W. Collier, G.G., 1937’, 32mm., silver, in case; Coronation Medal 1902, unofficial (Fenny Stratford Tpr. G. Webster, 57th Co. 15 Batt. I.Y.), 38mm., silver, swivel straight bar suspension; Inter-Company Miniature Cup Competition 1936, obv. crossed rifles (Lieut. J. T. Stephens), 32mm., silvered metal, ring suspension, good very fine and better (6) £40-50 £70
1469 7th Hussars, obv. men playing hockey, rev. regimental emblem and engraved, ‘Inter Squadron Hockey 1926, H.Q. Wing Tpr. Bowles’, 38mm., bronze, unmounted; 10th Royal Hussars, obv. two boxers, rev. regimental emblem and engraved, ‘Welter Weight Competition 1925, Runner-up Tpr. R. Stannard’, 44mm., bronze, unmounted, in case; 13th Hussars, rev. engraved, ‘Inter Squadron Football 1920 Winners, C. Squadron, S.Q.M.S. W. Tassie, D.C.M.’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; 13th/18th Hussars, rev. ‘Inter Troop Football 1927 Winners, Band, E. Jacomb’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; 13th Hussars, shield-shaped, 35 x 28mm., silver, rev. engraved, ‘Pte. J. R. Matthews, A Squadron, 1905-06’, ring suspension, this last fine, others good very fine and better (5) £50-70 £50
1470 Inniskilling Dragoons Good Service Medal, obv. regimental motif and battle honours; rev. impressed and engraved, ‘To No. 5188 L. Cpl. F. Swales on leaving the Inniskilling Dragoons after 8 Years Good Service, 11.8.09’, 45mm., bronze, ring suspension, nearly extremely fine £30-40 £55
1471 International Volunteer Competition, obv. St. Andrew on his cross, rev. laurel wreath and engraved, ‘Won by England 1866’ (Capt. Field, Hon. Art. Co. - Captain - 1866), 38mm., silver, ring suspension, good very fine £30-40 £95
1472 14th King’s Hussars Medal for Outstanding Services, obv. regimental emblem and battle honours, rev. inscribed, ‘For outstanding services to the regiment particularly in connection with preparation for regimental gunnery in 1974’ (23583083 W.O.II (SSM) Midgley P.), 48mm., silver, swivel ring suspension, mounted for wear, slight edge bruise; 14th King’s Hussars Sports Medal, obv. regimental emblem, rev. cypher and engraved, ‘Winners Squadron Football 1932’ (L/Cpl. S. Osborn), 32mm., silver, ring suspension; 12th Prince of Wales Royal Lancers (4), obv. regimental motif, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Revolver Championship Helmieh Egypt 1927, 2nd Sgt. G. Haywood’, 45mm., silver, unmounted; another, ‘Sgts. Mess Victoria Shield 1930 (Revolver) Runner up, S.S.M. G. Haywood’, 38mm., silver, ring suspension, in case; another, ‘Squadron Cricket Shield 1928, Winners “A” Sdn., Tpr. W. Page’, 44mm., bronze, slight edge bruising; other 12th Lancer medals (1), silver, named, good very fine (6) £70-90 £160
1473 King’s Own Royal Regiment, obv. regimental emblem, rev. inscribed, ‘Battalion Sports 1937, 1st Mile, 2/Lieut. T. V. Rabbidge’, 32mm., silver; another similar, ‘1925 Depot Sports Pte. Holland, Champion Athlete (Depot Staff)), second with edge bruising; King’s Own Regiment, 2nd Battalion, obv. regimental emblem and royal cypher, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Company Hockey L.Cpl. Howell, 1920’, 28mm., silver; King’s Own Football Medal, ‘Inter-Coy. Winner L/C. C. Pike, 1936’, 32mm., silver; Pair to Corporal J. Neild, 2nd Battalion The King’s Inter-Company Football League Medal (2), 1903-4 and 1904, rev. engraved, ‘Cpl. J. Neild (Capt.)’, 25mm., silver and enamel, all with suspension mounts, good very fine (6) £40-50 £70
1474 King’s Own Scottish Borderers (3), obv. regimental emblem, rev. engraved, ‘1/K.O.S.B. Novices Boxing 1927 Lt. Heavy-Runner Up, L/C. C. Richards’, 25mm., silver; another, obv. regimental crest, enamelled, rev. engraved, ‘Winning Team B. Coy. Inter Company Boxing 1928 Pte. J. McLean’, 33mm., silver; another, rev. engraved, ‘Inter Company Boxing, 1st Prize, Bantam Weight won by Pte. Pack, 1924’, 35mm., silver cross; King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 1st Battalion, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘Inter-Pln. Football 1920 Winners, No.1 Pln. L/C. Sanderson’, 35mm., silver; another similar but smaller, ‘1923 C.S.M. F. Barker, Shooting’, 24mm., silver; Gloucestershire Regiment, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘LXI Rifle Club Class B, Aug. 1922, Pte. L. Pinsent’, 32mm., silver, edge bruising, all with ring suspensions, good very fine and better (6) £50-70 £50
1475 Lancashire Fusiliers, obv. emblem and battle honours, rev. engraved, ‘P. Logan, B. Coy. Lan. Fus.’, ovoid, 37 x 31mm., silver; Lancashire Fusiliers, 7th Battalion, obv. regimental emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Guard Mounting Competition, Salisbury Plain, June 1922, Winners D Company, Cpl. A. Harper’, 28mm., silver; East Lancashire Regiment, obv. regimental emblem and battle honours, rev. engraved, ‘Best Loser, Recruits Boxing, 3382599 Pte. Moulder, A.V.G.’, 35mm., silver; Coronation Medal 1911, East Lancashire Regiment, 3rd Volunteer Battalion issue (Sergt. A. H. Brown, R.A.M.C.), 38mm., bronze, plugged, scroll suspension; Norfolk Regiment, obv. Britannia seated, rev. engraved, ‘2nd Bn. Norfolk Regt., Baghdad 1922, L/Cpl. Cook, Cross Country Running’, 31mm., silver, in damaged case; 43rd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, obv. footballers, rev. regimental emblem and engraved, ‘L/Cpl. Burton A.’, 32mm., silver, edge bruise, ring suspensions except where stated, very fine and better (6) £50-70 £50
1476 London Rifle Volunteer Brigade, obv. Rifleman knelt firing, rev. bowman (Regt. Champ. (Machine Gun) 1934, Rfn. F. F. Brine), 38mm., silver, unmounted, in case; 4th (City of London) Batt. London Regiment pair to Cpl. T. E. Meredith, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘1927 880 Yds. 1st’ and ‘1927 Relay Race “A” Coy.’, 32mm., silver, both with suspension mounts; London Scottish School of Arms, obv. lion and wreath of thistles, rev. engraved, ‘Foils, Sergt. T. A. Smeaton, 1905’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; London Scottish, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘“E” Coy. 1911 Sergt. D’A. M. Clark’, 26mm., silver, unmounted; London Irish Rifles, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘Morris Tube, Last Quarter, won by Pte. C. White, 1907’, cross, 25mm., silver and enamel, with suspension mount; 142nd (6th London) Infantry Brigade, enamelled card suites, rev. engraved, ‘Brigade Cross Country Championship 1931 Cpl. R. Duchesne, F.S.R.’, 26mm., silver and enamel, ring suspension; 6th London Infantry Brigade, obv. riflemen in competition, rev. engraved, ‘Inter-Company Competition won by A. Coy. Col. Sgt. F. C. Barker, 1914’, 29mm., silver and enamel, ring suspension; 47th (2nd London) Division T.A., obv. crowned shield, rev. engraved, ‘Football 1926-27 Winners, Bglr. R. Duchesne’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; 56th (1st London) Division T.A., Miniature Range Competition, obv. twin shields, rev. engraved, ‘1927 A/Cpl. A. V. Barrett, Winners, L.R.B.’, 26mm., silver, ring suspension; London Armoured Car Company, obv. motif, rev. inscribed, ‘Gunnery Cup 1926 Pte. J. A. Middleton “A” Section’, 32mm., bronze, ring suspension, in case, good very fine and better (11) £100-120 £220
1477 Malta Command Shooting Medal, obv. musketeer, rev. twin shields with crown above, engraved, ‘Capt. W. E. Caldbeck, 1st Place 1926’, 38mm., silvered metal, unmounted; Malta Command, obv. twin shields with crown above, rev. engraved, ‘Malta Garrison, Senior League 1948/49 Winners’, 38mm., silver, unmounted; Malta Command Football Medal, obv. footballers, rev. twin shields with crown above and engraved, ‘Winners Army Cup 1929-30, 24th Coy. R.E.’, 38mm., silver, in case; Competition Medal, obv. Hercules, engraved, ‘Army Bayonet Fighting Malta 1906’, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Sgt. Coyne. J., 1st R.B., A. Coy. No.4 Sec.’, 44mm., bronze, unmounted, slight edge bruise; Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force, engraved, ‘British Relay Race Championship 1919’, rev. engraved, ‘1/4th Devonshire Regt..’ with list of team members, 51mm., silver, ring mount, edge bruising; 18th Division Tournament Medal, obv. elephant, rev. inscribed, ‘Cross Country Race Tournament, A Coy. 2nd Bn. The Buffs, Mesopotamia 1921’ (Sergt. C. S. Shoobridge), 32mm., silver, ring suspension, very fine and better (6) £40-50 £50
1478 96th Manchester Regiment, obv. fleur de lys, ‘XCVI’ below, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Runner-up, Open Light Weight, L/Cpl. May’, 38mm., silver, ring suspension, in H.M. Mint Calcutta case; Manchester Regiment, 2nd Battalion, obv. regimental motif, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Open Team Competition, Pte May, A. Company’, 38mm., silver, ring suspension, in H.M. Mint Calcutta case; Competition Medal, obv. royal coat-of-arms, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Inter-Company Officers Medal won by “A” Company 2/7 Batt. Man. Regt., April 1915’, 44mm., silver, ring suspension; Manchester Regiment, 2nd Battalion, obv. regimental motif and battle honours, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘C. Coy. Sports, 1st Prize, L. Cpl. G. Garey 1914’, 35mm., silver, ring mount, edge bruise; Manchester Regiment, 8th (Ardwick) Battalion, obv. athletes running, rev. fleur de lys and engraved, ‘Pte. E. W. Aldred 1930’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; Salford Volunteers Training Corps, obv. coat-of-arms, rev. engraved, ‘F. Mortinson’, 46 x 34mm., bronze,very fine and better (6) £60-80 £120
1479 57th Middlesex Regiment, obv. cricket batsman and engraved, ‘Lieut. Herapath’, rev. regimental emblem and engraved, ‘1st Mx. Inter-Coy. Cricket K.O. 1930, “B” Coy.’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; Middlesex Regiment, obv. two boxers, rev. regimental emblem and engraved, ‘Pte. A. Pearson, No.6201235’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension; 77th Duke of Cambridge’s Own, Inter Company Tournament, obv. crowned cypher, rev. Prince of Wales’s plumes (Utrecht 1901 Cricket No.2617 Pte. Hutchings, W., “H” Coy.), 33mm., silver, swivel ring suspension, edge bruise; County of Middlesex Army Cadet Force, obv. shield, rev. engraved, ‘Cdt. R. Spiteri, 2nd Group “C”, 220 Yds. 1965’, 38mm., bronze, unmounted; 167th Infantry Brigade, Football Cup, won by D Company 1/8 Battalion Middlesex Regiment, France 1st April 1916, rev. engraved, ‘1279 PteRickards, Lft. Back’, shield shape, 36 x 34mm., silver, ring suspension; Civil Service XIIth Middlesex Volunteer Rifles, obv. crowned plumes and crossed rifles, rev. engraved, ‘Recruit’s Medal 1905 won by Lce. Corpl. F. S. Laskey’, 30 x 24mm., silver; 20th Middlesex (Artists) Rifles Volunteers, rev. engraved, ‘1904 100 Yds. Handicap 1st Prize Pte. F. G. Manvell’, 32mm., silver, good very fine (7) £40-50 £100
1480 Northumberland Fusiliers (3), obv. St. George and the dragon, rev. engraved, ‘Hart Boxing Cup, Bantam Weight ... Winner, Sgt. Duggan’, 32mm., silver, edge bruising; another, ‘120-130 lbs. No. 4265917 Fus. McKie J.’, both with ring suspension; another, ‘Novices Boxing Competition 1966 Winner Feather Weight, Fus. Bramley’, 32mm., silvered bronze, unmounted; Rifle Brigade (3), obv. regimental motif and battle honours, rev. ‘1st Battalion Rifle Brigade’ and engraved, ‘9318 Rfn. E. Wilson, Winner, Putting the Shot, 36 Ft. 0 ins, Peshawar 1926 India’, 45mm., silver; another similar, rev. engraved, ‘Inter Company Cricket 1939 Bdsm. Allison, Winners “H.Q.” Company’, silver; another obv. two boxers, ‘Aug. 1941’, rev. regimental motif and battle honours and engaved, ‘Rfn. E. Langley, Winner, Lightweight Final, 70th (Y.S.) Bn.’, 44mm., bronze; Rifle Brigade, silver cross enclosed by wreath, rev. engraved, ‘Winning Team Inter Squad Athletic Meeting Aug. 1924, F. Edy’, mounted for wear; Durham Light Infantry, 5th Volunteer Battalion, obv. bust of Col. J. A. Cowen V.D. left, rev. regimental emblem (Won by Sergeant J. Chilton, 1901), 38mm., silver, unmounted, very fine and better (7) £60-80 £80
1481 Oxford and Cambridge Universities Signalling Challenge Cup, obv. soldier seated using telescope with two others standing observing, rev. inscription in raised and engraved lettering, ‘Oxford & Cambridge Universities Signalling Challenge Cup, won by Oxford University, Cpl. C. E. G. Parry Okeden, O.U.O.T.C. (Keble Coll.)’, 50mm., bronze; Civil Service Cadet Corps, by Spink, London, obv. Prince of Wales’s plumes, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Pte. Gooseman, 2nd, 440 yds., open only to 12th Middx. V.R., Shorncliffe, 1903’, 45mm., silver; Uppingham Contingent Officers Training Corp, rev. engraved, ‘Camp Medal 1914 Cpl. Dow’, 32mm., bronze; Duke of York’s Royal Military School Dover (3), obv. crowned rose and wreath, rev. ‘1932 440 yds. under 15 yrs. F. Wall’, 38mm., silver; another 25mm. silver, ‘1931 100 yds. under 14 F. Wall’; another, 32mm., silvered-bronze, ‘1934 Novices Middle W. J. Dearn’; Public Secondary Schools Cadet Association, engraved, ‘B. E. Tubb, 1921, 70 yds. Junr. Championship, Cheltenham’, 26mm., silver; other medals, silver, named, some with ring suspensions, very fine and better (9) £60-80 £65
1482 82nd Prince of Wales Volunteers, South Lancashire Regiment, obv. regimental motif and battle honours, rev. laurel wreath and engraved, ‘To Bandmaster Andrew Harris in recognition of Good Work, Easter 1910, “In Sweet Music is Such Art”’, 24mm., silver-gilt, ring suspension, extremely fine £30-40 £35
1483 Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders Best Shot Medal, obv. regimental motif, rev. shield, with crossed rifles enclosed by a wreath and engraved, ‘No.6804 F. Macdonald’, 43mm., silver, straight bar suspension; Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders Sports medals (4), three silver, one bronze, all named, generally good very fine (5) £60-80 £170
1484 Queen’s Own Royal West Kent, obv. regimental motif, rev. inscribed, ‘1st Bn. The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regt. Battalion Football Shield 1915 Played in Picardie France, 8323 Pte. C. Peskett’, 36mm., silver; another, similar obv., rev. engraved, ‘Middle Wt. Belt, Pte. Close, H.Q., 16.4.24 to 8.7.24’, 35mm., silver; another, similar obv., rev. ‘Pte. H. Smith’, 38mm., bronze; Sports medals (2), silver, both named; East Surrey Regiment, 6th Battalion, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘For Efficiency, Sgt. G. H. Hill, 1930’, 32mm., silvered bronze, all with ring suspensions; The Queen’s Regiment, 1st Volunteer Battalion, obv. Paschal Lamb, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘1901 Staff Sgt. W. Bishop’, 41mm., bronze, pierced with ring suspension; Royal Berkshire Regiment, obv. stag, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘1st Tradesmen’s Cup, Sergt. G. H. Hutchinson, 1912’, 41mm., silver, unmounted, very fine and better (8) £70-90 £85
1485 Queen’s Westminster Rifle Volunteers, by Pinches, London, ‘St. Martin’s’, the Saint mounted on a horse sharing his cloak with a beggar at his feet, rev. ‘Q.W.R.V. 18th Company Shooting Association’, and engraved, ‘The “Leete” Cup, won by Sergt. Hunt, 1869’, 36mm., silver, possibly onetime mounted; Queen’s Westminster Rifles Champion Badge, obv. regimental emblem and crossed rifles, rev. engraved, ‘Won by Corpl. C. E. Brown, 1899’, oval, 31 x 24mm., silver, ring suspension, good very fine and better (2) £40-50 £85
1486 Royal Army Medical Corps, obv. unit emblem, rev. ‘Command Cricket Cup, Egypt, Winners, R.A.M.C. (Egypt) XI, 1927-8-9-, Pte. R. C. Smith, 1928-29’, 45mm., silver; No.2 Field Ambulance W. Riding R.A.M.C.V., obv. unit emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Corp. H. G. Hurst’, 44mm., bronze, in case; Army Education Corps, open book and crossed rifles, rev. engraved, ‘W.O. School of Education Shorncliffe, L/C. F. Chadwick, 1st Royal Dragoons’, 35mm., silver; Royal Army Service Corps, unit emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Cross Country Running, Corpl. C. O. Bickers, 1923’, 32mm., silver; other R.A.S.C. medals (3); R.A.O.C. medals (2); Military Police, obv. engraved, ‘Turn Out’, rev. ‘L/Cpl. R. Sherwood, August 1926’, 32mm., silver, in case; Royal Corps of Signals, obv. Mercury, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Cross Country Championships 1924, Winner, Cpl. W. M. Cotterell’, 51mm., silver; other Royal Signals medals (3), generally good very fine (14) £70-90 £80
1487 Royal Army Temperance Association for Physical Efficiency Medal, obv. two wrestlers, rev. engraved, ‘L/C. G. Rickard, Irish Gds.’, 31mm., silver, minor edge bruising; Soldiers Sailors and Airmens Families Association Medal, enamelled, rev. inscribed, ‘Mr Trevor Williams, joined 1954’, very fine (2) £20-30 £35
1488 Royal Artillery, obv. unit motif, rev. engraved, ‘6th Fd. Bde. R.A. 1924 Relay Race, 1st, 2/Lieut. G. K. Bourne’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension, in case; 3rd M.A. Half Battery Competition, obv. cannon, rev. ‘Gunner S. M. Fossett’, 31mm., silver; City of London R.F.A., unit motif, rev. ‘Army Marathon Walk Windsor to London, March 1915’ and engraved, ‘Bombr. F. Hammond’, 32mm., silver; 344th Battery (Herts) Yeomanry R.F.A., obv. stag, engraved, ‘Third Prize’, rev. engraved, ‘Dr. Wharton C., King’s Cup, 1923’, 29mm., silver; 59th (Warwickshire) Searchlight Regiment R.A., obv. unit motif and engraved, ‘148 L.A.A.’, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘1507346 Gnr. G. H. Ritchie’, 35mm., silver; Royal Artillery Golfing Society, engraved, ‘1920 Spring Handicap Medal, Mid Surrey, April 8th & 9th, won by Major l. A. Coker’, 63mm., silver; other Artillery medals (9), good very fine and better (15) £70-90 £130
1489 Royal Horse Artillery, winged figure of Victory bearing garland, engraved, ‘Presented by C. W. Bacon ..., Norwich, Decr. 22nd 1869’, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Sergt. H. Ward, No.6 Sub. Div. D. Battery B.B.R.H.A. for Great Efficiency in Gunnery’, 38mm., silver, ring supension, good very fine £30-40 £70
1490 Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry, obv. bust of a trooper facing left, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Corporal T. Claydon, 2nd Prize, Shooting Competition, 1906’, 38mm. silver, straight bar suspension, some edge bruising; Royal North Devon Yeomanry Regimental Prize for Shooting, obv. crowned wreath and crossed rifles, rev. engraved, ‘First, No.9 Pte. J. Balman, Torrington Squadron, 1893’, 37mm., silver, unmounted, very fine and better (2) £60-80 £75
1491 Three: Brigadier R. A. Hermon, 1st Royal Dragoons 1st Royal Dragoons (2), obv. regimental motif, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Dummy Thrusting, Officers 1937, 1st, Capt. R. A. Hermon’, 51mm., silver, in Phillips, Aldeshot case; another similar, rev. engraved, ‘All Arms Officers 1937. 2nd, Capt. R. A. Hermon’, 39mm., silver; Royal Tournament Medal, obv. Britannia seated with a lion, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘1938 Dummy Thrusting, Officers 2nd Prize, Capt. R. A. Hermon, The Royals’, 38mm., silver, in Mappin & Webb case, all unmounted, nearly extremely fine (3) £80-100 £80
1492 Royal Dublin Fusiliers Medal, slip bar, ‘Best Shot 1912’, obv. elephant, ‘Carnatic Mysore Royal Dublin Fusiliers’, rev. tiger, ‘Plassy Buxar Spectamur Agendo’ (10837 Pte. E. Lawlor, E. Coy.), 32mm., silver, with suspension bar ‘1662-1911’, brooch bar, ‘Old Toughs’, extremely fine £100-120 £620
1493 Royal Engineers, A.D.L.R.V. Army, B.E.F. France, rev. engraved, ‘Won by J. S. Menary, 418235 Habourding, France, 1918’, 25mm., 9 ct. gold, hallmarks for Birmingham 1918; Royal Engineers Training Battalion, rev. engraved, ‘1868014 Sapp. E. Ashton, Best Man P.T., 127 Party, “B” Coy. R.E.’, 35mm., silver; Royal Engineers Rifle Association (2), obv. unit motif and crossed rifles, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Lce. Cpl. W. Stevens, Class III Home, 1921’, 37mm., silver, with brooch bar, ‘1921’; another bronze, rev. engraved, ‘Company Team 1904, D (1) Coy. R.E., No.7464 Lce. Cpl. Mearles’; London Electrical Engineers (2), bronze, named, one cased; other Royal Engineer related medals (8), most with ring suspensions, very fine and better (14) £70-90 £160
1494 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, obv. castle, rev. engraved, ‘Inter-Company Hockey 1920-21, L. Cpl. McIlvany’, 26mm., silver; other Inniskilling Fusiler medals (2); Hopton Cup, 2nd Battalion Connaught Rangers, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘9277 Pte. J. Curran’, 39mm., silver; Royal Irish Fusilers, obv. regimental motif and battle honours, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘“E” Coy. Winners, Inter-Coy. Hockey Cup 1913, D. McCulloch’, 35mm., silver; another shield shaped, 30 x 26mm., silver, rev, ‘Sergt. T. Santry F. Coy. 1905’; Royal Irish Regiment (2), obv. regimental motif and battle honours, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘“C” Coy. Royal Irish Regt., Sports Meeting, Winner Open Mile Race, C.S.M. Foster, 12.11.1921’, 35mm., silver; another, bronze-gilt, ‘Boxing 1913 10St. Novices Competition, Winner, Lce. Corpl. Corcoran’, these with ring suspensions; Ulster Defence Regiment, 1st/9th County Antrim Battalion, Presentation of Colours 1991, engraved, ‘Presented to Walker Pte. 2478801’, 38mm., gilt; Curragh Garrison, rev. engraved, ‘Officers Relay Race 1st Prize, Capt. Green’, 32mm., silver; Boxing Medal, obv. two boxers, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Eastern Command Championship Winning Team 2nd Bn. R. Ir. Fus. 2/Lt. G. A. French, Light Heavyweight Champion 1921’, 38mm., silver, generally good very fine (11) £60-80 £160
1495 Royal Marines Medal, star-shaped, 35mm., rev. engraved, ‘Sergt. H. J. Pearson, R.M.L.I.’, 6 dated bars on ribbon and brooch bar, ‘Royal Marine Eight’; Royal Marine Boxing Championships, obv. R.M. emblem, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘R.M. Championships 1924, Winner, Bugler A. W. Coles’, 38mm., silver, cased; Royal Marine Commando School, obv. R.M. emblem, rev. sword and engraved, ‘Mne. Morgan M.J., Po51739Q’, 38mm., silver base metal; Royal Marine Rifle Association, obv. R.M. emblem, rev. engraved, ‘Won by Royal Marines H.M.S. Iron Duke, Gibraltar Cup 1924’, 38mm., bronze; Parachute Regiment, 10th Battalion (T.A.), obv. crossed rifles, rev. engraved, ‘1953 I Coy. Sgt. A. J. Elliott’, 39mm., silver base metal; other medals (3), very fine and better (8) £40-60 £150
1496 Royal Military Academy (2), Gymnastic Competition, rev. engraved, ‘Highest Score’ (R. L. Haymes, July 1891), 36mm., silver; another, rev. engraved, ‘Tennis, May 29th 1928, versus The French Officers, A. T. Sladen’, 45mm., bronze; Royal Military College (2), rev. engraved, ‘R.M.C. Debating Society, 1938 Commandant’s Medal won by G. L. W. Armstrong, No.5 Coy.’, 45mm., silver; another, rev. engraved, ‘Inter Coy. Relay Meeting, March 1923, Obstacle Race, won by 5 Coy. E. J. Greck’, 44mm., bronze; Royal Military School of Music, rev. engraved, ‘The Somerville Prize 1928, 6132670 Student H. Johnson, A.R.C.M., 1st Bn. The East Surrey Regiment’, 45mm., bronze, in case; Shooting medals (13) to Major J. E. Beazley, including Royal Military College Rifle Shooting Medal, rev. engraved, ‘161 R.M.C.O.C.T.U.’ (Officers v Sergts. Oct. 1945 Capt. J. E. Beazley, The Essex Regiment), 45mm., silver, some of the others enamelled, very fine and better (18) £80-100 £80
1497 Royal Scots, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘Genl. Moncrieff Cup 1905, H. Coy., Lce. Corpl. Prior’, oval, 42 x 32mm., silver, ring suspension; The Queen’s Rifle Volunteer Brigade, Royal Scots, Medal for Fencing, obv. two swordsman, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Sergeant T. Nelson, 1906’, 44mm., silver, in case; other Royal Scots medals (2), silver, named; Royal Scots Fusilier Boxing Medal, named; 72nd Seaforth Highlanders, obv. regimental motif and battle honours, rev. engraved, ‘H. Coy. Winners Tug of War 1910 Pte. A. Gibson’, 35mm., silver, ring suspension; 78th Seaforth Highlanders (2), similar to previous, rev. ‘1st 220 Yards Cpl. H. C. Lymn, Meerut 1921’, silver; another bronze, ‘2nd 100 Yards Cpl. H. C. Lymn, Meerut 1921’, both in cases; other Seaforth medals (1), very fine and better (9) £60-80 £140
1498 Royal Sussex Regiment (3), obv. regimental badge, rev. ‘Athletic Sports Individual Championship 1937 Pte. L. Lawrence’, 45mm., silver, unmounted, edge bruising; another, ‘B.P.R.A. 1912 Pte. J. Lee’, 35mm., silver, ring suspension; another similar, ‘1910-11 Inter-Company Hockey Tournament ... L/Cpl. Harvie’, 35mm., silver, unmounted; Royal Sussex Regiment, 2nd battalion, obv. regimental badge, rev. engraved, ‘6392584 Pte. Jones A., Winners Falling Plate’, 35mm., silver, ring suspension; 4th Royal Sussex Regiment, West Sussex Gazette Prize, obv. shield and wreath, rev. inscribed, ‘Won by Sgt. C. T. Rapley, 1923, C. Company’, 51mm., silver, unmounted, very fine and better (5) £40-50 £75
1499 Royal Tank Regiment, obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘Regimental Revolver Competition 1946, First, 14465573 Tpr. C. Lambourne’, 50mm., silver base metal, unmounted; Tank Corps Athletics Meeting, obv. Great War tank and wreath with battle honours, rev. engraved, ‘Harold Gawthorpe, Tank Corps Area League, Winners, 711 Coy. R.A.S.C. (M.T.)’, 69mm., silver, fitted with hinged stand fitting, edge bruising; Royal Tank Corps, regimental motif, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘2nd Bn. Inter Company Cross Country Competition 1926, Winners A Coy. Pte. J. Marley’, 32mm., silver, ring suspension fitting, in case; other Tank Corps medals (2), named, very fine and better (5) £35-45 £85
1500 Royal Military Tournament (2), obv. coat-of-arms, rev. ‘Yeomanry Cavalry Competition, Brigade Winner’ and engraved, ‘J. H. E. Bersham’, 21mm., gold, with suspension mount; another, obv. coat of arms, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Fencing Q.M.S. Eade, Gymtic. Staff’, 38mm., silver; Royal Naval and Military Tournament, obv. coat-of-arms, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Riding & Jumping 1909 Regulars 1st Prize won by 19th Hussars, Sergt. A. Quick’, 38mm., silver; Royal Naval, Military and Air Force Tournament, obv. coat-of-arms, rev. engraved, ‘1919 Tug of War, 130 Stone, 2nd Prize won by B.S.M. J. Purcell (Coach), 9th Bgde. R.G.A.’, 32mm., silver, fine; Grand Military Tournament, Agricultural Hall, London, obv. coat-of-arms, rev. inscribed, ‘2nd Prize won by Lieut. Coote, 11th Hussars, Fencing’, 27mm., silver, unmounted except where stated, good very fine except where stated (5) £50-70 £60
1501 Royal Tournament (4), obv. coat-of-arms, rev. engraved, ‘1922 Tug of War (130 Stone) Inter Services Championship, 1st Prize won by R.M.A. Portsmouth, Cpl. S. J. Scott’, 32mm., 9ct. gold, hallmarks for Birmingham 1921, in Carrington, London case; another, obv. coat-of-arms, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Sword, Lance & Revolver, Officers, won by Capt. T. L. Horn M.C., 16th Lancers’, 39mm., silver; another, rev. ‘1922 Tug of War (130 Stone) Army First Prize won by Training Battn. R.E., Sgt. C. O’Sullivan’, 32mm., silver; another, obv. Britannia seated with a lion, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘1937 Bayonet Team Combats, Royal Marines, First Prize, R.M. Portsmouth, Lieut. G. H. Stockley’, 32mm., silver, good very fine and better (4) £70-90 £180
1502 Royal Warwickshire Regiment (3), obv. regimental motif, rev. engraved, ‘Attendance 1st 1925, Cpl. F. Dyzon, C. Coy.’, 31mm., silver, edge bruising; another, rev. ‘Pte. R. Meade, Best Loser’, 26mm., silver; another, rev. ‘Inter Company Cross Country 1934/35 Winners, Pte. Kesterton, No.5107842’, 32mm., silver, edge bruising; Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, obv. regimental motif, rev. ‘W. Stevenson, 5 Miles, 25.5.03’, 26mm., silver; 98th Prince of Wales North Staffordshire Regiment, Sports medals (2), silver, named; Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Peterborough and District Licensed Victuallers Association Challenge Cup, obv. castle, rev. engraved, ‘Right Half “H” Company, No.6383 Private F. Winham, 1907’, 39mm., bronze, in case, very fine and better (7) £40-50 £85
1503 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, obv. dragon, rev. engraved, ‘Fus. Galsworthy, Runner up, Feathers, Dalhousie 1925’, 38mm., silver, ring suspension, slight edge bruising; South Wales Borderers, 2nd Battalion, obv. regimental motif within a floral decoration, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Throwing the Hammer 1932, 1st Team, Lieut. M. E. B. Roche C. Coy.’, 44mm., silver, unmounted, in case; Army Rugby Cup Medal, obv. Rubgy scene, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘1st Bn. The Welch Regt. Army Rugby Cup Final, Sergt. W. Weeks, Mar. 20 1909’, 39mm., silver, unmounted; 53rd Welsh Division Egypt 1918, obv. Prince of Wales’s plumes, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘59069 Pte. Kirkland W., First Prize Divisional Cross Country Run’, 44mm., silver, unmounted, in case; other Welsh related medals (2), good very fine and better (6) £40-50 £40
1504 Sherwood Foresters, Notts & Derby Regiment (2), by Elkington, obv. regimental motif, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Cpl. Smith A.’, 39mm., silver, swivel scroll suspension, in case of issue; another similar, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘5 Miles Feb. 1915 Lieut. Allpass’, 25mm., silver, ring suspension; other Sherwood Forester medals (1), silver, named; Leicestershire Regiment (2), obv. regimental motif and battle honours, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Swimming 1924 100 Yds. Boys, 1st, Boy A. S. Pollard’, 45mm., silver, unmounted, in case; another similar, obv. as previous and engraved, ‘220 Yards 1925 Pte Goodwin’, rev. Hercules wrestling a python, both unmounted; Shooting Medal, rev. engraved, ‘53rs (Y.S.) Battn. Leicestershire Regiment, Pte. G. W. Mansell’, 31mm., silver, ring suspension, fourth and seventh nearly very fine, others nearly extremely fine and better (6) £45-65 £70
1505 Surrey Yeomanry, “A” Squadron, obv. regimental badge, rev. inscription in raised letters (name and rank engraved), ‘1918 Macedonian Cross-Country Run Capt. H. J. Bell, M.C. Fourth’, 51mm., silver, hallmarks for London 1917, nearly extremely fine £30-40 £35
1506 Territorial Army Championships, obv. naked man with sword, rev. wreath with crown and lion above, ‘Association Football won by Pte. D. Snellgrove, 7th Bn. The King’s Regt. 1934’, 51mm., silver, in case, edge bruise; Swimming Medal, obv. angel of victory, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘Shoeburyness Garrison Swimming Championship 1920 B.Q.M.S. C. Marchant’, 51mm., silver; Territorial & Auxiliary Forces Association, County of Middlesex, obv. shield, rev. taget and wreath, ‘Minor units Rifle Cup 1956 Major S. J. Williams M.B.E., T.D.’, 38mm., silvered bronze; National Reserve 1914, obv. King George V and Queen Mary, rev. wreath and engraved, ‘National Reserve Challenge Shield, Second Team, Ayrshire (Sergt. A. Watt), 44mm., silver; 56th (1st London) Division T.A. Medal for Rifle Shooting, rev. the female ‘London’ with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background (Rfn. J. O. Ball, Hansford Cup), 27mm., silver, ring suspension; National Territorial Championships, rev. inscribed, ‘Marathon 2nd Team won by 4th Queens, Lieut. E. L. Turner, 8th July 1911’, 38mm., silver; other T.A. related medals (6), all named, good very fine and better (12) £70-90 £140
1507 Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, obv. head of Queen Victoria facing left within a wreath, rev. two horsemen with shield and cypher, 38mm., silver, with straight bar suspension engraved, ‘J. W. Simpson’, ref. H.I. p.413, nearly extremely fine £60-80 £190
1508 Pair: Quarter Master J. Stone, West Somerset Yeomanry West Somerset Yeomanry Medal, obv. horseman with sword, in exergue, ‘W. H. B. Portman Coll.’, rev. engraved, ‘Awarded to John Stone, 28th May 1870’, 35mm., silver, swivel scroll suspension; another, similar, obv. horseman with sword, exergue, ‘A. N. Hood Lt. Col.’, rev. engraved, ‘Won by Qr. Master J. Stone, W.S.R.Y.C. Best Carbine Shot, May 22 1875’, 35mm., silver, steel clip and silver straight bar suspension, mounted for wear from a silver buckle, good very fine (2) £100-120 £210
1509 Woolwich and Sandhurst Athletics, obv. twin shields, rev. engraved, ‘C. A. Sykes, 1889’, 51mm., silver, minor edge bruising; Woolwich and Sandhurst, obv. twin shields, rev. inscribed, ‘Boxing 1932 Light Winner J. A. Nelson’, 45mm., silver, in case; Woolwich, Sandhurst and Cranwell, obv. three badges, rev. engraved, ‘Triangular Athletic Contest 1938, 880 Yards 1st, R. D. G. Ramsay’, 51mm., silver; Woolwich vs Sandhurst (2), obv. twin shields, rev. engraved, ‘Gymnastics 1914 won by R.M.A. (G. W. T. Coates, Captain), 39mm., silver; another bronze, rev. ‘Cricket XI 1900 A. M. Ross’, edge bruise; Sandhurst and Cranwell, obv. twin shields, rev. inscribed, ‘Boxing 1937 Heavy-Weight Winner J. M. N. Pike’, 45mm., silver base metal; Woolwich and Cranwell, obv. twin shields, rev. engraved, ‘Boxing 1936 Heavy-Weight Winner J. M. N. Pike’, 45mm., silver base metal, all unmounted,very fine and better (7) £60-80 £60
1510 Worcestershire Regiment, Monthly Revolver Match Plaque, obv. regimental badge and revolver enclosed by a laurel wreath and inscribed, ‘1st Bn The Worcestershire Regt. Monthly Revolver Match won by Lieut. M. E. Newman’, rev. inscribed, ‘“The Duke of Connaught Cup” 1920- 3rd Place - Score 271’, rectangular, 93 x 68mm., bronze; Worcestershire Regiment Golfing Medal, obv. golfer, rev. regimental badge and engraved, ‘2 Worc. Regt., Inter-Coy Golf 1923, Winners “C” Coy. Major G. S. Briscoe D.S.O.’, 44mm., bronze, nearly extremely fine (2) £30-40 £40
1511 Yorkshire V.B. Team Competition, obv. shield, rev. engraved, ‘Sergt. R. Mossom, 1st V.B. Yorks. Regt.’, 25 x 23mm., 18ct. gold; Yorkshire Field Firing Competition (2), five-pointed star, 31mm., silver with gold centre, rev. engraved, ‘Sergt. W. Ince, 1895’, lacks suspension; another, silver, ‘Pte. G. Potts 1905’, with ring suspension, slip-bar ‘1906’ and brooch bar; ‘Loyal Devoir’, obv. dragon, rev. ‘King’s Cup’, engraved, ‘1925-1926, H. Roxburgh’, 24mm., 9ct. gold; Prize medals (2), 25mm., gold, obv. soldier firing weapon, engraved, ‘1918-19’, rev. engraved, ‘A. G. Lowe, A.G.S.C.’; another, silver, 26mm., engraved, ‘A.G.S. D Coy. Senior, R.S.Maj. A. G. Lowe, 1919’, good very fine (6) £90-110 £140
1512 Miscellaneous Military Sports medals (25), various units, mostly silver, all named, nearly very fine and better (22) £50-70 £50
1513 Fitzroy, Olivia, The History of The VIII King’s Royal Irish Hussars 1927-1958, Volume III, Liverpool, 1961, xix, 375pp, with plates and 9 maps, well indexed, original green cloth binding - slightly stained, good condition and and the rarest of the three volumes in this excellent history £200-250 £270
1514 Foot, M. R. D., History of the Second World War; S.O.E. in France, an account of the work of the British Special Operations Executive in France 1940-44, London, 1966, xxvii, 550pp, plus plates, complete with four maps, boards, with dustcover, good condition £20-30 £30
1515 Hamilton, Sir Ian, A Staff Officer’s Scap-Book, during the Russo-Japanese War, 2 volumes, London, 1905/07, xi, 387 & vi, 362pp, with illustrations, maps and plans, blue boards, covers a little worn, generally good condition The author was an official observer with the Japanese Army. £40-50 £65
1516 MacMunn, Lieutenant-General Sir George, The History of the Guides, part II, 1922-1947, 10th Cavalry (Q.V.O. Guides), 5th/12th Frontier Force Regiment (Q.V.O. Guides Infantry), with Pakistan Postscript, pub. Aldershot, 1950, xiii, 208pp, with colour and black and white plates and maps, with appendices including lists of officers and honours and rewards, tan cloth with gilt embossed badge, three maps missing, covers stained and faded, binding a little loose, fairly good condition, scarce £140-180 Unsold
1517 Murray, Rev. R. H., The History of The VIII King’s Royal Irish Hussars 1693-1927, Volumes I & II, published by W. Heffer & Sons Ltd., Cambridge, 1928, xii, 801pp in total, with plates and 6 maps, well indexed, No. 199 of a limited edition of 250 copies, original green cloth bindings - vol. I slightly stained, good condition, a rarely seen work (2) £300-350 Unsold
1518 Singleton-Gates, G. R., Bolos & Barishynas, being an account of the doings of the Sadleir-Jackson Brigade, and Altham Flotilla, on the North Dvina during the Summer, 1919, Aldershot, 1920, 194pp, with plates and a useful roll of those killed, wounded and honoured, blue cloth with gilt titles, good condition £60-80 £85
1519 Webb, Lieutenant-Colonel E. A. H., History of the 12th (The Suffolk) Regiment 1685-1913, 1st edition, 1914, Spottiswoode, London, xxii, 505pp, 17 colour and 29 b/w plates, original three-quarter morocco, gilt, boards a little faded, spine and edges slightly worn, good condition £60-80 Unsold
1520 H.M. 53rd Regiment - Sutlej Roll; Punjab Campaign Casualty Roll; Full Casualty Roll for the 32nd of Foot, Indian Mutiny 1857; Medal Roll of H.M.’s 32nd Regiment of Foot at the Defence of Lucknow The 85th Regiment in the Second Afghan War 1879-1880; Queen’s South Africa, clasp, Defence of Mafeking Medal Roll; Forsyth, D.R., Defenders of Kimberley; Duckers, P., 1-K.S.L.I. on the North West Frontier of India 1929-1931; Military Medal & Bar 1916-1919; photocopied sheets (a quantity) of the roll of individuals of the 2nd Battalion Shropshire Light Infantry entitled to the Queen’s South Africa Medal and clasps; photocopied sheets (a quantity) of the roll of individuals of the 2nd Battalion Shropshire Light Infantry entitled to the King’s South Africa Medal and clasps; plus a folder containing sundry rolls, articles etc., generally in good condition (lot) £40-50 £30