British Coins from the Collection of Ian Sawden

British Coins from the Collection of Ian Sawden

Ian Sawden

Ian Sawden was born in the UK and began by collecting miscellaneous coins, mostly Victorian bun pennies which were generally in very worn condition. He moved overseas in 1976, that collection was disposed of and collecting coins was forgotten as there were more interesting activities to occupy the day.

His interest was rekindled in 2006 when, walking down a street in Toronto, he spotted a Cartwheel twopence in the window of a dealer and bought it. This lead to Ian researching the history of the Soho coinage and the spark was lit. From that chance encounter, he began collecting a variety of coinage, aiming for quality rather than quantity. Apart from George III he developed a particular interest in the coinage of William IV and the young head issues of Victoria, attracted by their exquisite engraving. Buying a copy of Charles Wilson Peck’s English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958 allowed him to identify groups of coins and he discovered the many intriguing patterns to be found: a new focus had arrived.

As the collection grew Ian decided to reduce its scope and concentrate on certain themes, such as pennies and halfpence of George III, evidenced by the range of Soho coinage in this catalogue. He also expanded the scope of the collection to focus on key dates of different denominations and the silver coinage, particularly florins. The sale includes two examples dated 1862 and no less than twelve 1848 patterns.
The highlight of this auction is the collection of 1788, 1797 and 1799 Soho coinage, anchored by two gold pattern halfpence from the Murdoch collection and the ex King Farouk gold Cartwheel penny.

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