The John Clark Brodie Archive of Proof and Specimen Notes

The John Clark Brodie Archive of Proof and Specimen Notes

John Clark Brodie (1865 - 1928)

John Clark Brodie (1865-1928), the grandfather of the present vendor, was a lithographic artist and master engraver for W. & A.K. Johnston. The company he joined was founded by Sir William Johnston (1802-88), a steel and copperplate engraver who learnt his trade with James Kirkwood and then William Home Lizars (1788-1859), the second-generation engraver who took over the Lizars family business at 3 St James square, Edinburgh, in 1872. Johnston went into business for himself in December 7 825 at 6 Hill square, Edinburgh, being joined by his younger brother, Alexander Keith Johnston (1804-71), six months later. Within ten years the brothers had won a royal appointment from William IV. On the death of Lizars Johnston's acquired the business, along with its important banknote printing operations, subsequently moving to the Edina Works at Easter road, Edinburgh by the time John Clark Brodie became a member of staff. Brodie suffered an unfortunate accident in which he lost a leg, but he is known to have continued to work for Johnston's well into the 20th century.

The majority of proofs in this archive were engraved on steel by W.H. Lizars and carry his imprint, unless stated. Many of the lots were working proofs and, in some cases, thinning or damaged corners demonstrate that they were taken off backing pages and later remounted.

The John Clark Brodie Archive is being sold in conjunction with Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh.

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