The Paul Shimmin Collection of Isle of Man Banknotes

The Paul Shimmin Collection of Isle of Man Banknotes

Paul Shimmin

Paul was born and educated on the Isle of Man and has always been proud of his Manx heritage.

After receiving his Honours Degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Sheffield University, Paul returned to the island and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1983. Three years later he set up a Business Service Department which involved helping clients to set up, run and expand their businesses. He was at the forefront of introducing computers to businesses and providing ongoing support and assistance on staff training and software.

In 1991 Paul decided it was time to branch out on his own and four years later was joined by Alistair Clarke Wilson. Together they have built a successful business, advising clients on everything from tax, accounts and insolvency, Paul's interest in all things Manx began at an early age. He recalls being given a Manx red ten shilling note as a birthday present and advised by his grandfather to look after it as it might be valuable one day. The young Paul took this advice and continued to store away notes he thought were special. From these humble beginnings grew a life long interest in all things Manx.

Once family and friends became aware of Paul's collecting, they seemed to find notes in cupboards and chests and kindly donated them to him.

In his professional life Paul has built up strong links with many of the banks on the Island. It transpired that some of the notes in his collection were not even in the banks’ archives. Dumbell’s Bank was particularly of interest for the economic disruption caused after it went into liquidation in 1900.

In 2001 Paul was invited to display some of his notes at the opening of the new Financial Supervision Commission building. The Earl and Countess of Wessex visited the Island and were particularly interested in the colourful and varied notes on display.

After 30 years of gathering Manx notes Paul decided to make it into a more formal collection and began looking for missing and rarer notes. He found them as far afield as Australia.

Although his main interest has always been Manx notes, Paul has also collected Manx books, coins, stamps and paintings. With the prospect of downsizing drawing near, Paul has reluctantly decided to comply with his wife's wishes and part with some of his treasured collection, for another generation to enjoy.

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