The Collection of Life Saving Awards formed by The Late W.H. Fevyer

Date of Auction: 25th September 2008

Sold for £2,000

Estimate: £1,400 - £1,800

A Sea Gallantry Medal group of four awarded to Petty Officer 1st Class Richard Barry, Royal Navy, for service at the wreck of the Teaser, 1911

Sea Gallantry Medal, E.VII.R., small 2nd issue, silver (Richard Barry. ‘Teaser” 18th March, 1911); British War Medal 1914-20 (146042 P.O.1, R.N.); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., 1st issue (146042 P.O.1Cl., H.M.S. Carron); Royal National Lifeboat Institution, E.VII.R., silver (Mr Richard Barry. Voted 13th April 1911) very fine and better (4) £1400-1800


‘18 March 1911: During a terrific south-easterly gale, the Montrose schooner Teaser was driven ashore near Ardmore Bay, Co. Waterford, Ireland, in a very heavy sea. The rocket apparatus was brought to the scene and lines were thrown over the vessel, but her crew, exhausted and cold, could not make use of them. Aware of this, Messrs. Barry and Neal tried to swim out, but were beaten back to the shore. Father O’Shea then obtained a boat in which he put out with others, including the two coastguardmen. They boarded the wreck, but two of her crew were already dead and the other succumbed shortly afterwards’. (Ref. Lifeboat Gallantry, by Barry Cox).

For their services, The Reverend John O’Shea, Parish Priest of Ardmore, was awarded the R.N.L.I. Medal in gold; Petty Officer Richard Barry and Leading Boatman Alexander Neal, H.M. Coastguard, Ardmore, were each awarded the R.N.L.I. Medal in silver.

For a more detailed account of the rescue attempt, see
The Wreck of the Teaser - A Gold Medal Rescue, by John Wilson, in L.S.A.R.S.J. No.30, p.22-25. Sold with copied research.