British Tokens from the Collection formed by the late David Barry Bailey

Date of Auction: 6th July 2021

Sold for £110

Estimate: £120 - £150

19th Century Tokens, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Bristol, Bristol Commercial Token Bank Co, Shillings, 1811 (2), 4.05g/12h (D Somerset 24), 3.99g/12h (D 26); Edward Bryan, Sixpence, 1811, 2.10g/6h (D 54); Patent Sheathing Nail Manufactory [Samuel Guppy], First issue, Penny, 1811, 19.69g/12h (W 463b), Farthing, 1811, 3.90g/12h (W 490), Second issue, Penny, 1811, 17.08g/12h (W 505); ‘Morgan’s’ Shilling, 3.66g/12h (D 38); issuer uncertain, Bristol and South Wales Penny, 1811, 19.15g/12h (W 529); together with other Bristol Pennies (5) and a Halfpenny [14]. First two extremely fine and toned, third fine, others described about very fine but flan of D 38 partially exposing the central core, remainder in varied state £120-£150