The Collection of Tibet Medals 1903-04 formed by Colonel Richard H. Harris

Date of Auction: 19th March 2008

Sold for £700

Estimate: £400 - £500

Tibet 1903-04, no clasp (Captain J. Masson, I.M.S.), official correction to rank, nearly extremely fine £400-500


James Masson was born on 28 April 1875. He gained an M.A. in 1894 and B.Sc. in 1897, and qualified as a M.B. and Ch.B. at Edinburgh in 1899. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Indian Medical Service on 29 January 1901 and promoted to Captain in January 1904. With the I.M.S. he served in the Tibet Expedition of 1903-04. In 1910 he was appointed a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh). Promoted to Major in July 1912, he served with the Egypt Expeditionary Force, 28 July-22 November 1917 and 26 April-13 October 1918. Masson attained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in July 1920, having previously held that acting rank during the war. He retired on 10 November 1928 and was later the Principal Medical Officer for the B.& N.W. Railway, based at Gorakhpur.