Irish Tokens from the Collection of the late Barry Woodside

Date of Auction: 30th September 2021

Sold for £360

Estimate: £80 - £100

Miscellaneous Tokens and Checks, Co ANTRIM, Belfast, H[arland] & W[olff], uniface brass, stamped 3755, 38mm; Harland & Wolff Ltd, Diesel Engine Works, uniface brass, stamped 498, 33mm; Harland & Wolff Ltd, D[iesel] E[ngine] W[orks], uniface brass Eightpence, Threepence, Penny and Halfpenny, all 26mm; Rob[er]t McBride & Co, uniface brass Penny, 31mm (Woodside AN B42); Murray, Greene and Lloyd, white metal, rev. Crystal Palace, 1851, 30mm (Allen C225; Woodside AN B53; Macalister 979); Musgrave & Co Ltd, uniface brass, stamped 197; Rope Works Dining Rooms, brass Halfpenny, 25mm (Woodside DN B3) [10]. Eighth with some light tin pest, otherwise about extremely fine and pierced, very rare, last fair, others fine to very fine £80-£100


Provenance: Second bt Format 1994; third bt Format 1996; fourth and fifth bt 2007; sixth bt 2014; seventh bt S. Byrne 1989; eighth bt 2006; ninth bt 2001; last bt A. Judd 1989