Irish Tokens from the Collection of the late Barry Woodside

Date of Auction: 30th September 2021

Sold for £280

Estimate: £60 - £80

Miscellaneous Tokens and Checks, Co ANTRIM, Belfast, New Nort[h]ern Spinning & Weaving Co Ltd, octagonal brass Halfpenny, 23mm (Woodside AN B57); William Ross & Co, Clonard Mills, brass Pennies (2, different) and Halfpenny, 32 and 26mm (Woodside AN B62, B62a, B62b; W 2472-3; cf. ‘Dublinia’ 482); Y[ork] R[oad] Mill, brass 1, with incuse bear countermark, 35mm (cf. Woodside AN B80) [5]. About very fine, first and last rare £60-£80


Provenance: First bt A. Judd 1994; second and fourth bt 1990; third bt 2016; last bt 2014