Buttons from the J.R. Gaunt and Son Pattern Book Archive

Date of Auction: 16th September 2010

Sold for £550

Estimate: £380 - £480

Leicestershire Police, a rare white metal QVC helmet plate of ovoid outline title strap ‘Leicester Police’ mounted in the centre with the Wyvern from the town arms, two (crushed) loop fasteners; Leicestershire Constabulary a similar QVC example with title strap ‘Leicestershire Constabulary’, the centre fitted with a back plate bearing the numerals ‘69’ these on a leather backing now part perished, two (crushed) loop fasteners out of three; a later Victorian pattern being an uncrowned elongated star mounted with a title strap ‘Leicestershire Constabulary’, the centre mounted with a QVC over ‘328’, two loop fasteners, (appears to be a white metal crown over coppered numerals, the remainder blackened metal); the ensuing KC pattern of similar format, in the centre in white metal a KC over ‘178’, two loop fasteners; Leicester Police cloak fasteners a very fine and scarce pair being white metal roped rim roundels, the Wyvern in the centre and ‘Leicester Police’ in surround complete with fasteners and chain linkage; Collar badges two singles being the Wyvern one in silver plate and the other in white metal, good overall condition (7) £380-480