Buttons from the J.R. Gaunt and Son Pattern Book Archive

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Date of Auction: 16th September 2010

Sold for £700

Estimate: £300 - £400

Nottinghamshire Constabulary, an extremely rare die-stamped blackened white metal Victorian shako plate, crowned laurel sprays enclose an oval strap, ‘Nottinghamshire Constabulary’ in the centre a shield bearing the ragged cross and three coronets from the Arms of the town but surmounted by an Earl’s coronet and with two peacocks as supporters, two loop fasteners (part crushed); a similar die-stamped metal hat badge, being in effect the crowned central section of the first item, two loop fasteners (crushed); Nottingham Police a die-stamped white metal helmet plate being a QVC over a circular strap ‘Nottingham Police’ oak sprays in near surround, a loose shield centre bearing the arms of the town a ragged staff and three coronets (would not appear to be the correct centre) (two loop fasteners crushed); another similar Victorian example but made in two parts the central section being mounted upon blades emanating from the oak sprays, the centre blank, two loop, good overall condition fasteners (4) £300-400