Buttons from the J.R. Gaunt and Son Pattern Book Archive

Date of Auction: 16th September 2010

Sold for £750

Estimate: £400 - £500

Scotland, Ayrshire Constabulary, an extremely rare Victorian period die-stamped white metal helmet plate being large ornate thistle sprays in oval outline enclosing a lozenge shaped inserted centre, this of tin leather faced and bearing the white metal simple script capitals, ‘AC’, three loop fasteners; a die-cast white metal two part waist belt clasp, ‘Ayrshire Constabulary’ on the circle and a double headed thistle spray in the centre. Coatbridge Burgh Police, a very scarce KC die-stamped white metal hat badge, a crowned strap, ‘Coatbridge Burgh Police’ enclosing the burgh Arms, two loop fasteners. Partick Police (1858-1912), one half only of a cast white metal waist belt plate, on the oval strap, ‘Partick Police’ enclosing the burgh arms. Govan Police (1864-1912), a die-stamped white metal helmet plate centre only, a circular strap, ‘Govan Police’ enclosing the burgh arms, two wire pins on reverse. Glasgow City Police, a good quality cast silver plate kepi or cap badge being the full Achievement of Arms for the city, two loop fasteners. City of Brechin Police a fine pair of silver plated collar badges being eight pointed stars with applied centres, these show ‘City Of Brechin Police’ enclosing the city arms, all loop fasteners present. Stirling Borough Police a single die-stamped silver plated collar badge, castle and ground format, two loop fasteners. Dundee City Police, two single collar badges one silver plate the other probably white metal. Perthshire County Police a very fine die-stamped silver plated small size cap badge (long loop fasteners) a shield bearing the Scottish Lion with a castle in the upper canton, a demi-highland soldier for a crest, the supporters being a basilisk and a horse, motto at the base, ‘Pro Rege Et Libertate’. Leith Police Special Constable, a single silver plated collar being a five pointed star with a raised circle ‘Leith Police’, in the centre ‘SC’, two loop fasteners, good overall condition (13) £400-500