The Collection of Medals to the Leicester Regiment and Yeomanry formed by the late Trevor Harris

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Date of Auction: 23rd September 2005

Sold for £1,600

Estimate: £600 - £800

Army of India 1799-1826, 1 clasp, Nepaul (Lieut. G. Peevor, 17th Foot), short hyphen reverse, officially impressed naming, suspension refixed and naming rubbed as a result of one-time being mounted in a glazed circular case, otherwise extremely fine £600-800


Ex Glendining’s June 1926 and Waite-Sanderson Collection 1941, when described as being contained within an old glazed circular case; and sometime thereafter “re-constituted”.

George Peevor was appointed an Ensign in the 17th Regiment in December 1807 and was advanced to Lieutenant in January 1810. He first witnessed active service in the Nepal War 1815-16, but, on being invalided in the latter year, assumed responsibility for the regiment’s school at Ghazeepore. Here he ‘voluntarily took upon himself the instruction of the children and young soldiers attending the school, to which he devoted all his spare time, with the result that in each successive Inspection Report (from 1816 until the regiment returned home in 1823), this officer was specially brought to notice for his indefatigable exertions in the benevolent cause he had undertaken.’ He also established “H.M’s 17th Regimental School Reward of Merit”, the first such award being made in 1816.

Having in the meantime been recalled to regular regimental duty during the course of the Pindaree War of 1817-18, when he was present at the battle of Jubbulpore, Peevor was advanced to Captain in September 1824. In the following year he was transferred to half-pay at his own request and was placed on the strength of the 3rd Foot. But he saw no further action and was latterly a “Captain of Invalids” at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. His death is believed to have occurred in 1858.